“Should I put a QR code on my business card?”

Jenny Olding posed this question not on Google but on Facebook. She got a better answer, and much more.

SEO will always be important, but there’s a significant shift in how people find information on the Internet. It comes from the combination of social and mobile. When business professionals need immediate answers to tough questions, their first move is to reach out to their social networks from a mobile device. As a marketer or business owner, you need to be there waiting to respond to their very special invitation.

Savvy business professionals are discovering that social shouting is not only ineffective, it drives prospects away. Social listening on the other hand, engages new contacts and builds relationships.

The Art of the Social Ask

J. Summer Rogers, CEO of nPruv, Inc. finished her presentation yesterday with, “Here’s my ask.” For me it was the best idea to come out of the, IoT (Internet of Things) Start-Up Table Breakfast.The technology start-up community here in San Diego gets it. Asking questions engages prospects, investors and prospective team members.

Would you like to increase your social engagement? All you have to do is ask.

5 Tips to Improving Your Social Engagement

Pose a genuine, thought-provoking question – If your question is self-serving or self-promotional, don’t bother. Most folks on social have their BS filter on max.

Answer a thought provoking question, thoughtfully – Have an opinion? State it, but respectfully. I think QR Codes, like all technology that include the word “Cool” in their definition, as stupid. I simply shared why I thought they were less than effective. What I liked best about Jenny’s thread was the real world examples and multiple points of view.

Honor the Conversation and Contributors – I adding an update to Jenny’s thread stating clearly what I liked best.

Engage Contributors – I use social engagement to build relationships with those I serve best. As suggested by Jon Ferrara, CRM Pioneer and Founder of, “Walk in your prospects digital footprints.”

Close the Loop – If you start a social ask, finish it. Thank everyone, share what you decided and most importantly, your results. Handle this right and you will earn the right to ask a second question.

My Social Ask

I’m considering closing comments on my blog. I’m finding that ideas spread faster via social. If you find value here, please consider sharing it socially.

This blog was written by Jerry Gitchel, Make Technology Work

Soup Collaboration

In the famous fable a traveler arrives in a village with nothing to eat. The villagers rebuff him until he fills a cooking pot with water, lights a fire and places a single stone in the pot. One by one, the reluctant villagers respond to the traveler’s lament that the stone soup would taste much better if only he could add some “garnish”. As if by magic, each villager collaborates with ingredients until they do indeed feast on everything but the stone.

San Diego Tech Week demonstrated we have all the ingredients for a great tech soup right here in San Diego. All we need is to convince the villagers to share their gifts. We have collaboration at a high level as well as a commitment from the city administration. If we really want to get things cooking, we need your help.

In the recent report, The Rise of Innovation Districts, by the Brookings Institution, authors Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner report on the rise of urban enclaves fueled by innovation. Face to face collaboration was cited as the number one success factor.

If you are ready to rise above the labels “Just a Navy Town” or “Silicon Beach”, here’s some small steps that will swing big doors.

Dig Into Your Network – Identify your Peeps and Tweeps and give San Diego a shout-out in all your conversations. Invite them to visit, share your events, build the buzz.

Be San Diego Proud – Localize your social profiles by adding events focusing on the business of starting or investing in local business.

Sponsor a Cathedral Field Trip – As a teen I attended Encanto Baptist Church. We would attend the evening service of other local churches. It helped us build both awareness and a larger community. Engage the members of tech villages other than your own.

Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association said it best. Instead of trying to carve up the pie, “Let’s just work to build a bigger pie.”

So, which ingredients will you add to the pot?

This blog was written by Jerry Gitchel

The East West CyberTECH VIP Reception Experience

On June 25, 2014, I accepted a special invitation to attend the East West CyberTECH VIP Reception in downtown San Diego, California. As an Advisor to the Board of iHive, I found it to be an enlightening experience.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the people invited from the East Coast, specifically, The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) and Maryland of Opportunity group, both of whom are involved in what is referred to as “CyberTech East“.

The purpose of the EAGB organization follows:

“The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) is a not-for-profit economic development organization led by a partnership of regional business executives, elected government officials and leaders from higher education, focused on fostering business retention and development, job creation and new investment throughout the Greater Baltimore region.”

The mission of the Maryland of Business organization follows:

“Mission is to create, attract, and retain jobs while promoting Maryland’s vibrant cultural economies.”

Security in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is a prime concern for all involved. Lawyers, CEO’s, Venture Capitalists, Developers, and Marketers all have a deep concern to make IoT succeed and be very profitable. Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTech/iHive spoke about security before he welcomed everyone then asked the approximately 40 attendees to introduce themselves to each other.

One of the person’s I spoke to after introductions is, Teri Karobonik, Staff Attorney Fellow at New Media Rights. Teri’s non-profit organization is located here in San Diego and serves Internet Creators and Users. She made it a point to emphasize low-cost legal services, often a key factor in technology related industries.

I spoke to an Angel Investor from the East Coast. I was informed of some of the initial steps for considering this type of business investment. My software development S-Corp, Newbound Inc., is looking for investments to bring our business to the next level. Being able to meet established business professionals interested in IoT in CyberTech and iHive events is important to my business partner and I.

We attendees had plenty of time to talk about non-business and non-technical topics as well. Good food and tasty beverages as always was provided courtesy of CyberTech. Darin and CyberTech Operations and Marketing Manager, Maggey Felix are great hosts.

I appreciated talking to one CEO who had traveled from Baltimore to San Diego by vehicle to arrive here. We spoke about the famous Wall Drugs signs, always a tourist comment for those traveling on I-90 in South Dakota. I believe the furthest Wall Drug distance road marker I ever encountered was in southern Arizona!

Later this year San Diego CyberTech travels to Baltimore, Maryland among other places to extend San Diego’s favor of fellowship.

This blog was written by Don Larson, NewAdventures

iHive Launch and San Diego Startup Week

San Diego, California is a fine and strong city. The people here want this city and region to remain a place of prosperity and growth. We in the Information Technology industry work hard with companies and government to achieve and then surpass worthwhile mutual beneficial goals.

Today I was part of the launch of iHive, one San Diego Technology Incubator. I sit on the Advisor Board of iHive. Today is also the start of San Diego Startup Week and it kicked-off at iHive headquarters with a strong leadership lineup. Darin Andersen, Chairman & Founder of CyberTech and iHive, started the event with an audience of about 60 or m0re political leaders, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs gathered in the courtyard area of iHive. Darin then introduced a round of speakers including these San Diego elected officials:

San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer
City Council President, Todd Gloria
Former San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders
San Diego Council President Pro Tem, Sherri Lightner

Other industry speakers followed including, F Christian Byrnes, Gartner Managing Vice President IT Risk and Security. At the break, I had a few minutes to speak to Christian about his security comments regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and how my company’s Newbound Network software fits in with the security model of IoT. All the speakers validated the premise that we are putting San Diego on the map on par with San Francisco and Silicon Valley as one more premier technology region. All the speakers today reinforced that vision and pledged along with the rest of the attendees to work hard to continue. There are a number of Technology Incubators in the San Diego region. iHive will play a strong role in delivering the promise of the Internet of Things to San Diego. I’m proud to be involved with iHive at the start as all in iHive move forward. Stay tuned!

This blog was written by Don Larson, NewAdventures