CyberTECH Intern Discusses e-Block Classroom Experience at e3 Civic High

Jah’neice Mitchell
October 17, 2014
San Diego, CA

For the 2014-15 school year at e3 Civic High, an additional course called e-Block has been added. e3 students attend different e-Blocks on Wednesday for 3 hours. The e-Block I am placed in is called Community Classroom. Community Classroom prepares students for internships, college and developing professionalism.

During my sophomore year at e3, I started to intern for a company called CyberTECH. Because I still have my internship for the 2014-15 school year, during community classroom I help Dean Krotz, Mrs. Leon and Ms. Lozano prepare other students for internships. Being able to help other students in this e-Block strengthens my leadership skills. When new interns come to CyberTECH, I will be able to use the skills I’m developing in this e-Block and put it to use.

Another topic we are going over is college and getting outside scholarships and letters of recommendation. During a couple of CyberTECH events, a few members have told me that they would write me a letter of recommendation and informed me about programs I could apply for to get scholarships. This is one of the many opportunities I have been faced with while working at CyberTECH.

Developing professionalism is also key when going out to intern. Taking selfies and posting them on social media when you are supposed to be working could be considered unprofessional. Posting pictures of your supervisor without permission is unprofessional as well. When I am at CyberTECH and all my work is completed, if I choose to take a couple of pictures, I will first ask my supervisor for permission.

Community classroom is a really great course for me because I am developing many skills that I will apply to CyberTECH. Not only is this e-Block helping me with my internship but it is preparing me for college as well.