CyberTECH to Host CISOpen Roundtable: Bio and Healthcare Security by Design

The CyberTECH Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Round Table is part of a series of CISO Round Tables focused on fostering information sharing in the public and private sectors in order to build a community of interest and trust within the Cybersecurity domain.

Co produced with our friends from BIOCOM, this special event focuses on Cybersecurity issues pertinent to biotech, life sciences and healthcare companies. Our goal is to create a safe and trusted space for CISO’s to learn, share information and build long term relationships with one another.

Event sponsors include Gartner, BIOCOM, Bird Rock Systems, CyberUnited, Perry Commercial, and ScaleMatrix.

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For additional information about sponsorship opportunities please contact Darin Andersen.

CyberTECH Founder to Participate in “Real Disruption” Session at the SIOR 2016 Spring World Conference

On Thursday, April 14, CyberTECH Founder Darin Andersen will participate in a panel discussion about the sharing economy at the SIOR national meeting in San Diego. As we continue to grow the CyberTECH Co-working community, we are excited to join the discussion on how spaces such as NEST, CyberHive, xHive, iHive are great examples of new, innovative real estate product types that are changing commercial real estate generally and brokerage specifically.

Education Session: Real Disruption – The Sharing Economy and Commercial Real Estate (CE)

Moderator: Steve Weikal, MIT Center for Real Estate

Darin Andersen, CyberTECH
Matt Glade, Flexe
David Mandell, PivotDesk

We’re all familiar with (or have used) popular sharing services such as Zipcar, Airbnb and Uber. Now, this “sharing” model is coming to commercial real estate in a variety of forms. In this session, Steve discusses the new technology applications that use this approach to unlock value in real estate by increasing utilization rates, optimizing occupancy and decreasing market friction. This lively discussion with three industry innovators will provide a better understanding of how the sharing economy is poised to dramatically alter the office and industrial markets, and what it may mean for your business.

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CyberTECH Partners with Wireless Health Hub


Over three years ago, the Wireless Health Hub (WHH) was founded by SoCal EED, a nonprofit organization with a goal of creating a startup community for entrepreneurs and investors in the Biomedical and Healthcare Industries.

WHH provided a forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate with universities, capital providers, municipal leaders, and local accelerator and incubator programs, tapping into San Diego’s deep domain expertise in wireless along with its world-class life sciences and biomedical research capabilities.

More recently, complementary trends have emerged – smart phones and clinical devices have become indispensable extensions of traditional healthcare infrastructure. WHH has begun to focus more on assisting startups pushing the envelope in cloud-based personal and clinical health applications.

These trends demonstrate the convergence of healthcare devices with the “Internet of Things” (IoT), a growing network of smart devices, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables the collection and exchange of data. CyberTECH, already a leader in cybersecurity, has become a driving force in IoT, with a goal of providing resources and strategic programs to stimulate innovation in a wide variety of new application areas.

With these common goals in mind, we’re announcing a partnership between the CyberTECH and Wireless Health Hub to combine resources toward creating an even stronger forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect with stakeholders across San Diego. Going forward, our organizations will work together to stimulate innovation and help solve the technical and business challenges common to healthcare and IoT startups – the need for expert resources and access to early-stage capital.

Our first jointly sponsored event, the CISOpen Roundtable: Bio and Healthcare Security by Design will take place April 14th and will focus on Cybersecurity issues pertinent to biotech, life sciences and healthcare companies. Prior to the CISOpen event, the partnership will also be announced at the NEST Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on April 6.

Additionally, we have recently launched the CyberTECH Wireless Health Hub Meetup where we will host meetings at CyberTECH’s NEST Cowork space which also houses iHive, an Internet of Things Incubator, xHive and CyberHive.

Click here to join the CyberTECH Wireless Health Hub Meetup.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re now in the planning stages for more combined events and some ground-breaking initiatives.

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements!

CyberTECH Supporting an Established Video Developer Community as Part of our Workforce Development Campaign

CyberTECH has recently taken over as the Organizer of the San Diego Gaming Meetup. We have renamed the Meetup CyberTECH Video Game Developers San Diego.

Why have we done this?  Simply we want this important Meetup Community to continue on and offer more Game the Developers the opportunity to learn through the Meetup process which promotes collaboration through group learning.

This group is for established & aspiring game developers to network, share knowledge, and spawn innovative new games that’ll revolutionize the industry.

Join the Meetup Group today!

Please email with any comments or questions and we look forward to seeing you at our next Meetup.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer to Officially Open NEST, San Diego’s Largest Co-working Tech Startup Space


Mayor Kevin Faulconer will preside over a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the official opening of NEST, downtown San Diego’s largest co-working space for tech startups, on Wednesday, April 6 at 10:45 am.

The NEST ceremony will be held at 1855 First Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Manpower building, located in Bankers Hill adjacent to downtown. Covering more than 16,000 square feet, the newly-opened space reflects San Diego’s fast-growing leadership role in the hi-tech and cybersecurity sectors.


Along with Mayor Faulconer, more than 100 elected officials, business, civic and tech leaders are expected to attend including event MC Reo Carr, Executive Editor, San Diego Business JournalSherri S. Lightner, San Diego City Council President District 1; Shelley Zimmerman, Chief of Police, City of San Diego; Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development, City of San Diego; Phil Blair, Executive Officer, Manpower San Diego; and Greg McKee, CEO, CONNECT.

In addition to saluting the new tech space, Mayor Faulconer is expected to announce San Diego’s role as an innovator within the new “Smart and Safe Cities” campaign, part of the recently launched state-wide initiative, CyberCalifornia.

NEST Ribbon-cutting Ceremony with Mayor Faulconer
Wednesday, April 6, 10:30-11:30 am
Manpower, 1855 First Avenue, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA 92101

Funding for NEST derives from a $40,000 City of San Diego grant, part of the city’s Regional Economic Development Corporation Transient Occupancy Tax funding program. Under the guidance of San Diego-based cybersecurity executive Darin Andersen, NEST is supported by resident and non-resident membership fees, plus sponsor partners and grants. The space is fully leased with 42 resident members. That total is expected to grow to 80 companies by mid-2017. For every resident member, NEST also supports an additional four non-resident members through its Community Social Incubation Model.

“We’re grateful that Mayor Faulconer and his staff fully recognize that our newest co-working venture will serve to further accelerate the region’s startup sector, with its growing emphasis on downtown,” said Andersen, chairman of CyberCalifornia, a non-profit security alliance of industry, government and academic leaders. “We’re equally grateful for the generous support and vision of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.”

Additional tech-themed working spaces within the Manpower building include: CyberHive, iHive, and xHive, featuring an array of incubators, shared workspaces, temporary workspaces and co-working spaces.

To RSVP for the ceremony please click here.

For more information about NEST please click here.

CyberTECH March 2016 IoT Meetup Report

San Diego CyberTECH March 2016 IoT Meetup Report

This blog was written by Don Larson at NewAdventures.

I attended the Thursday night San Diego CyberTECH IoT Meetup where about 80 or sopeople attended. The theme was The Rise of Machine Learning and presented in a TED Talk format. I served as the Master of Ceremonies for this meeting.

A video was taken and should appear in the CyberTECH YouTube Channel in the near future.

We had four qualified speakers discuss Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as indicated below:

  • Bill Bonney – Thinking Machines: What is Artificial Intelligence?
    • Bill is a principal consulting analyst for TechVision Research, where he covers IoT, Identity Management and emerging technologies such as the block chain. In addition to his role at TechVision, he spends what spare time he has as a technology evangelist, especially in the Information Security space.
    • Bill Bonney

  • Patryk Laurent – Existing and Emerging AI Technologies for Personal IoT
    • Patryk Laurent has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, and specialized in understanding how neural systems learn to act and pay attention based on reinforcement. He moved to San Diego three years ago to work at Brain Corporation, a late-stage startup that focuses on making brains for robots.
    • Patryk Laurent

  • Tom Caldwell – How we’re using AI to secure “things
    • A veteran of Cisco and Microsoft, Tom has deep expertise in delivering Cloud-based software products and large scale software systems to large enterprise and service providers. Tom is a founder and currently leads the engineering effort at CyberFlow Analytics, a Network Behavioral Analytics company focused on securing Industrial IoT and Enterprise IT. Prior to that he served as President of LonoCloud, a cloudPaaS company acquired by ViaSat. With a MS in Computer Science, he has more than 20 years in business and software engineering.
    • Tom Caldwell

  • Jeff Debrosse – Teaching robots about context
    • A member of our community for the last 13 years when Jeff came to San Diego to join an Intel spin-off that was acquired by LSI, ran the research department for ESET as well as Websense, which was also acquired, and co-chaired the Federal law enforcement working group for Securing Our eCity for over 4 years. He recently launched is latest company in San Diego, NXT Robotics (pronounced “next robotics”), which provides a B2B subscription-based security monitoring and reporting service for data centers, commercial property and parking management companies. NXT provides this service using autonomous security robots on the customers premise and provides analytics/reports via their cloud-based infrastructure.
    • Jeff Debrosse

The event kicked off with a CyberTECH Members Meetup at 4 PM followed by our first CyberTECH Video Game Developers Meetup at 5 PM where we discussed ideas for upcoming Meetups.  At 6 PM we started our IoT Meetup led by Co Chairs Bill Bonney and Don Larson and lasted to about 9:00 pm, that’s when I left anyway.  Food and drinks were served (tasty chicken and waffles and new beer from our brew master Ace Sklar was a hit – we dusted an entire keg.) The gathering was very energetic with plenty of time for social networking and speaking with the presenters in an informal setting.

One of my long-time friends, Paul Webber, President of the San Diego Java Users Group, came and he expressed an interest in Robotics. I pointed him towards C-level folks who manage companies that develop commercial robots. I also mentioned CyberTECH’s XHive Incubator for more information.

The next event is Mayor Faulconer’s Ribbon Cutting on 6 April from 10 AM to 5 PM – sushi on the menu for that!

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups. I’ll look for you there. :-)