Boosting Community: The CyberTECH Approach to an Enhanced Workplace

The NEST CoWork space is home to a slew of tech start-ups, entrepreneurial efforts, and non-profit organizations looking for a supportive, yet independent work space. CyberTECH and NEST are sibling companies working together to build a better workplace model here in San Diego. CyberTECH has recently hosted a series of planned and impromptu events that build and enhance an environment of innovation at 1855 First Avenue.

The (unofficial) fun began with a weekend painting party as NEST expanded on the first floor of the First Avenue space. After breaking down some walls, the original CyberHIVE space quadrupled in size. Members gathered together on a Saturday to paint, drink lattes, and interact while taping and painting. By the end of the day, the halls and walls of the new offices transformed into a colorful array of warm spaces and airy collaborative offices.

Next up – sliders and fries. Thanks to a food truck parked out front, CyberTECH was able to offer new and future members great food. Plus, on the side patio, resident businesses participated in a speed networking event. With just 60 seconds to pitch, each business owner had the chance to talk up their daily efforts to more than 20 other businesses operating within the same building. That night ended with an extended concert of local artists performing on the interior patio.

With so many new members moving into the NEST spaces, CyberTECH knew it would take a few events before all faces became familiar ones. And nothing brings people together like ice cream (or beer). But ice cream was on the menu for a last minute, Thursday afternoon social on the patio to celebrate the warm summer days.

Fast forward a few weeks, and CyberTECH brought everyone together for a spaghetti dinner complete with garlic bread and Caesar salad. Shortly thereafter on the same night, another speed networking event meant those who had missed out on the prior roundup could pitch their business plans. And those who had met during the last networking roundtable had the chance to delve a bit deeper. Finally, the evening ended with cigars around firelight on the back patio.\

CyberTECH seeks to build a deeper meaning for CoWorking with its events and comfortable atmosphere. On any given day, you can find workers taking a break from the glare of a computer screen to chat at the coffee bar or outside on the patio. With big TVs, comfortable chairs, and a killer WiFi signal, the NEST CoWorking spaces have set a new standard for coworking in San Diego.

Take Advantage of our Current Offers

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

CyberTECH Launches Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) Program

California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as the global center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing.

In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud to announce the CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) — a six-month, low-rent program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

This innovative program leveraging CyberTECH’s “Social Community Incubator Model” is designed as a major element of CyberTECH’s Smart & Safe Cities initiative, in partnership with CyberCalifornia.

You’re invited to join us in welcoming our initial cohort of CyberTECH Entrepreneurs in Residence at a special luncheon event, as follows:

CyberTECH Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, 11:30 am to 1 pm
  • iHive @ NEST CoWork, 1855 First Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92101

CyberTECH EIR startups will work independently with the support of the CyberTECH community. In some cases, EIRs may be embedded directly in departments or with Business Units at CyberTECH’s corporate partners to accelerate their business concepts and new technology products and services.

In addition to being assigned to a Mentorship Team, CyberTECH EIR startups will have access to no- or low-cost office space, along with discounted or low-cost software, high-speed Internet, strategic, legal and marketing professionals and other early stage startup services. Some startups may be offered stipends or scholarships from CyberTECH ecosystem companies.

Please join us for lunch Thursday, Sept. 15 to learn more about this exciting new program.

Darin Andersen, CEO/Founder


EIR Program Application

Drone Aviator Association


Launched early this year, the Drone Aviator Association (DAA) is a membership portal, the industry’s first drone-only trade organization that advocates for drone users. More than six million drone users are expected by 2017, continuing a 30% year-to-year growth rate. Benefits of DAA membership ($50/year) include FAA registration, access to certification courses, and insurance products to limit the inherent risks of flying a drone.

Founded: 2016

CEO: Egbert Oostburg

Product/Service: Drone user trade organization


Location: 1185 First Street, Suite #103, San Diego, CA 92101

Quotable: This industry is evolving and accelerating at an astounding rate. With the advancements in drone technology over the next 12 months, we won’t even recognize where we are today. It’s going to be a fun ride.”        – Egbert Oostburg

Notable trend: Apple has partnered with China-based DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer, to challenge GoPro’s supremacy in action photo/video capture. Priced at $1,400, the Phantom 4 drone features autopilot, auto-follow and object-avoidance capabilities. Phantom 4 will reportedly integrate closely with Apple’s iOS ecosystem, allowing users to view and even control their drone via an iPhone or iPad.

Contact info: 


DRONE AVIATOR ASSOCIATION is located within NEST at X-Hive, the newly-opened CoWork space at 1855 First Street, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92103.

To inquire about available space, contact Darin Andersen:


Founded: 2016

CEO/Founder: Daniel Magy

Product/Service: Drone Management Solutions


Location: 1185 First Street, Suite #103, San Diego, CA 92101

Quotable: CITADEL’s goal is to secure the skies from nefarious drones. To do this, CITADEL has built a proprietary system that deploys a shield around high-risk targets and gives security teams the ability to automatically ‘depilot’ a drone as it encroaches into restricted airspace.

“All of this is accomplished without disrupting normal communication devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellphones.” – Daniel Magy

Notable trend: “The presence of a U.S. anti-drone system, while a seemingly sensible counter-measure against the Islamic State’s fondness for using the remote-controlled aircraft, is a small glimpse into how the American military is adapting to evolving battlefield threats in the wake of its two protracted ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (Washington Post, July 15, 2016)

Contact info:

ObjectSecurity® wins award

ObjectSecurity® wins award from National Institute of Standards and Technology

ObjectSecurity® has received a second-award phase to commercialize National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s access control policy testing technology.

The Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) developed under the award will be integrated into ObjectSecurity’s core product OpenPMF™, which makes access control policies more effective and manageable.

According to ObjectSecurity CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang, A-ACPTS addresses a significant gap in the fast-growing cyber security market. Founded in 2000, ObjectSecurity has San Diego-based offices in NEST @ iHive and in Cambridge, UK.

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue

Ever wonder what sorts of issues you may encounter as a creator or entrepreneur? Or when you might want to reach out to a real-life lawyer?

That’s what Don’t Panic:) A Legal Guide (in plain English) for Small Businesses and Creative Professionals is all about.

Published by New Media Rights, with offices at iHive @ NEST in San Diego, this recently-published book is designed to help new-business owners of all kinds.

Don’t Panic:) will prepare you to deal with a wide range of legal issues you’re likely to encounter as a startup creator or tech entrepreneur.

The book’s authors are Art Neill, executive director of New Media Rights; and Teri Karobonik, former staff attorney at the non-profit agency.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon

Electronic version – $9.99 | Paperback – $14.99

Good to meet you, what do you do?

The Grand Opening of iHive @ NEST, now one of San Diego’s largest CoWork spaces with 16,000 square feet, was celebrated the evening of July 28.

It was a lively, fun night of CoWork space, sliders, sundaes, summer sounds, and speed – networking, that is.

First, the space: It’s a colorful, contemporary array of incubators, shared workspaces, temporary workspaces and co-working spaces.

The delicious sliders were prepared by the food truck InSlider, with sundaes courtesy of Baskin-Robbins.

The sounds of “Summer Strings Open Mic” that filled the Manpower courtyard were provided by an array of top local musicians, all presented by Ken Rexrode Productions.

As for Speed Networking, more than 30 guests got to know each other better – both professionally and personally – in a series of two-minute “chat sessions,” seated at a long table across from each other.

“It was wonderful to get to know so many interesting people who have such innovative ideas,” said CyberTECH member Lorna Ramos, an account executive with NCW Staffing. “I loved it!”

Judging from the many smiles, laughs and freely exchanged business cards, the first-time event was a huge success.

The next Speed Networking event will be held Thursday, Aug. 11, 4:30 to 7:30 pm – iHive @ NEST, 1855 First Avenue, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92101.

All CyberTECH members, prospective members and guests are always welcome!

Why SIOT Matters

Why SIOT matters so much

The size of the IoT market is estimated to more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car and wearable markets combined by 2019, according to, a news and research website.

At the same time, IoT’s security loopholes can wreak havoc in our lives, from enabling terrorism to simple hacking. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the biggest areas of concern for cyber security experts. It was among the most discussed subjects at an annual conference in Singapore in May arranged by Fortinet, a software company based in Sunnyvale, CA, that provides enterprise-level next generation firewalls and arrays of network security products.

At the conference, Tyson Macaulay, Chief Security Strategist and Vice President of Security Services at Fortinet, and Darren Turnbull, Vice President Strategic Solutions at Fortinet – leading global experts on network security — said the market was both a threat and an opportunity.

Courtesy of Forbes India:

Microsoft wins surprising privacy ruling

A surprising privacy win for Microsoft

Microsoft has won its three-year lawsuit against the U.S. government over a warrant for a customers’ emails. The company has been fighting since 2013 to resist turning over the emails, which are stored in an Ireland-based data center.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled July 22 that Microsoft is not required to comply with a warrant for the users’ emails if the data is not stored within the U.S.

Although Microsoft triumphed in this case, its other battle with the U.S. Government continues — the company is still suing the Justice Department over gag orders that prevent it from informing customers when the government demands access to their data.

The court’s decision was hailed as a win by other industry giants that rely on overseas data centers for their infrastructure. For example, Ireland is a particularly popular location. Google, Facebook, and other companies all use data centers in that national because of its cool climate and appealing tax incentives.

The case has garnered international attention and has been a lightning rod for debates about how and when law enforcement should be able to access online data.

Although the U.S. government could appeal the case further and it may eventually land before the Supreme Court, Microsoft celebrated its victory.

As global law enforcement struggles to access data, legislators might use the excuse to require companies to store user data locally. For example, Russia enforces a data localization rule, and Brazil and France have considered similar legislation.

CyberTECH members AttackIQ, PacketSled announce funding

Our congratulations to AttackIQ, and PacketSled, long-time CyberTECH members that announced significant funding awards at SIOT Black Hat in Las Vegas, Aug. 2-4.

Located in Sorrento Valley, AttackIQ announced a $7.8 award that will accelerate FireDrill, its software product that allows customers to test whether their cybersecurity defenses are working.

FireDrill allows companies to run automated tests without the expense of hiring an outside testing firm. The tests let customers validate the effectiveness of their security systems.

 Source: San Diego Union-Tribune, Aug. 3, 2016

PacketSled, with offices in both San Diego and Seattle, announced a $5 million award. The investment will allow the firm to aggressively expand its sales and marketing initiatives while continuing to grow its engineering and operations components.

PacketSled provides customers with automated network visibility, detection, incident response and forensics in the cloud.

Source: PacketSled, Aug. 3, 2016

Going where no drone should go

Another CyberTECH member, SkySafe, announced in April that it had received $3 million in seed funding. SkySafe’s advanced technology disables drones that wander into areas where they shouldn’t go. Via radio waves, the technology overrides a drone’s remote to take control of the errant craft.

Source: TechCrunch, April 20, 2016

Apple Announces ‘Bug Bounty’ to Hackers Who Report Flaws

Criticized in recent years for failing to pay outside hackers who report bugs in its products, Apple announced at Black Hat that it would begin offering a so-called bug bounty to technologists who alert the company to flaws.

In recent years, nearly every company in Silicon Valley has been rewarding hackers who turn over bugs — a term for flaws that can make a product vulnerable to intrusion — in their systems, with cash. The reward is intended to serve as an incentive to keep those flaws out of the hands of organized groups or spy agencies. However, Apple had stayed away from the practice.

By contrast, Facebook and Google have offered large rewards – in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition, Apple said that if hackers donated their rewards to charity, it would match their donation.

Source: New York Times, August 4, 2016

CoWorking Week: Shared work spaces on tour

CoWorking Week: Shared work spaces on tour

By Roger Showley

August 5, 2016





The fifth annual CoWorking Week, kicking off Monday, aims to show how self-employed people can thrive in a post-pajama environment.

Five coworking spaces in San Diego County will hold free open houses to introduce the concept to people who have left the corporate world or want to escape loneliness at their home office.

But instead of renting a private office and paying for a common receptionist, coffee pot and copy equipment, coworkers typically work in an open-office setting and share ideas and trade services among one another.

Coworking entrepreneur, Darin Andersen, 50, started Cybertech and its Nest CoWork hub in Bankers Hill as a way to combine his interest in technology and background in commercial real estate.

He offered three tests for determining if coworking makes sense:

“You find yourself constantly distracted (in a home office). I call it ‘polishing the silver.’

“You are growing your team. You have more than yourself. You feel you’re in a growth phase and want to grow your concept and professionalize it outside your home space.”

“You are tired of working at a coffee shop, where it’s a loud environment and there’s no support.”

One study predicts 44 million Americans will be occupying coworking spaces by 2020. There are believed to be at least 1,000 San Diegans coworking today.

Coworking has gotten a boost since the recession, when workers lost their jobs and started their own companies. They set up shop in a spare bedroom (wearing PJs all day) and decided to professionalize but not in a beige cubicle setting.

The Nest coworking space attracts cybertech and other users to a Bankers Hill location, complete with food service and a gym. Cybertech .

The workers form one of the pillars of the so-called “shared” or “gig” economy and suit both single entrepreneurs developing a product and startup companies with a handful of employees not ready to set up permanent, standalone offices.

Coworking spaces offer a variety of membership plans, from only access to social events and workshops, starting at around $70 per month, to full-time dedicated desk space at around $400 per month.

Some locations include private offices as well, but all set aside space for conference and meeting rooms, food and sometimes exercise.

Andersen said the trend is solving a problem for landlords who have trouble filling vacant space. Instead of insisting on five- or 10-year leases, they can rent to a coworking company that in turn subleases to week-by-week or month-by-month users.

“I think coworking is a major global trend,” Andersen said. “I think people are looking at new styles of work and coworking is a sophisticated way to get work done and start something small and work up to big.”

Read the Original Story on the San Diego Union Tribune

Featured Photo Credit: Horacio Jones/Cinema Viva

CoWork Spaces Available


Looking for that perfect CoWork tech space?

We’re pleased to offer “ONE DAY FREE” at NEST CoWork @ CyberTECH, in San Diego’s Bankers Hill, a few blocks from downtown. Offered in partnership with LiquidSpace.

1855 First Avenue, Suite 103

San Diego, CA 92103

Sample space:

1 unreserved desk w/ private kitchenette, modern feel, part of 16,000 sf NEST CoWork space. Included: broadband, utilities, security, conference room, workout gym, coffee service. No hidden fees!

Contact Darin Andersen:










Product/Service: A cutting-edge wearable device that enables users to share their point of view via a social-mobile app
Founded: 2016
Location: iHive @ NEST, 1855 First Street, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92101
Website: (under construction)










Co-founder/CEO:Nick Phillips
Co-founder/CFO: Joseph Felix 

Quotable: “The MiPOV Technologies Team is composed of five University of Kentucky graduates with diverse backgrounds spanning from business to mechanical engineering. Relocating to San Diego in mid-August will allow our startup to get a foot in the door and position ourselves where we aren’t just another tech company.” – Nick Phillips

Notable trend: Forbes recently estimated that 123 million wearable devices will be purchased in 2016, generating $14 billion in total revenue. This figure is projected to increase with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32%, reaching 411 million devices and $34.2 billion in total revenue by 2020. In addition, it is forecast that worldwide social media use will increase to 2.2 billion by 2018.

Contact Information (Nick Phillips):

  • 859-757-3466