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Interview with Darin Andersen on KPBS

“Midday Edition” Interview with Darin Andersen, Chairman/Founder March 8, 2017  Topic: WikiLeaks releases what it calls CIA trove of cyber-espionage documents Maureen Cavanagh (host): Joining me is Darin Andersen. He’s a member of California’s Task Force on Cybersecurity, chairman of CyberCalifornia and chairman/founder of a cybersecurity company. Darin, welcome. Q: The cybersecurity world wasn’t really […]

Interview with Darin Andersen on KOGO News Radio

March 7, 2017 INTERVIEW WITH DARIN ANDERSEN Host: Ernie Brown Topic: WikiLeaks’ massive release of highly sensitive documents that allegedly reveal the CIA’s covert, global use of software designed to hack smartphones, computers and internet TVs around the world. The release is regarded as a serious setback for U.S. intelligence agencies, which use cyber- hacking […]

What is a Smart City and How Do I Live There?

Although you might assume the growth and development of a Smart City would be precise and exact, Smart City growth is inherently organic. Because living in a Smart City is ultimately the result of human choices to build and utilize technology, there is no perfect path forward into the city of the future. Smart Cities […]

A New Administrations and Cyber Security

The recent presidential election has brought the issue of cyber security to the front page of most new sites and newspapers. It appears that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee headquarters and that China hacked into federal employee records at the Office of Personnel Management. Foreign governments are looking at our nation’s private information. […]

A New Generation Makes its Demands

In 2012, The Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics (vol. 9(6) 2012) published an article about the working habits of Millennials. Three points stand out: “Many of this generation’s parents are affluent middle-agers who are now confronted with progenies who are drawn to the “softer” side of life: art, poetry, music, and the surreal world […]

Locally Owned Coworking Spaces

In every business, from tax preparation to coffee, you have to make a choice between a national brand and a locally owned business. With the dramatically increasing demand for coworking spaces, remote workers and entrepreneurs have to make the same choice – nationally branded coworking or a locally grown company. (Obviously, we at CyberTECH are […]

Downtown SD Emerging as New Tech Hub

Everyone knows your basic US tech cities – Seattle and San Francisco. And thanks to the major tech players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, those cities will likely remain at the top of the tech heap for years to come. But San Diego is attracting significant attention as an emerging tech hub. And here’s why: Lifestyle […]

What Cyber Security Will Mean in 2017

First, let’s dispel the myth of hackers sitting on a couch or slamming espresso shots in a 24-hour café. At some point in the past, there may have been enough one-off hackers to comprise some measurable percentage of cyber threats. But those days are over. Hacking is big business. And these businesses are operating inside […]

The Human Factor

Cyber security isn’t all zeros and ones. In fact, the greatest threat to cyber security may be sitting under the mousepad at the reception desk. Or in an unlocked office. Or in your company’s training manuals. The human factor is the generally the weak link in any cyber security system. Humans simply don’t have the […]

Coworking Communication Avenues

Although the peak hours of operations for a coworking space might be Monday through Friday from nine to five, coworkers operate 24 hours per day. And while there are always an energetic few who want to actively network face-to-face, others would prefer an online setting. In fact, coordinating coworking members is like herding cats. Keep […]

The Perils of Working from Home

Recently, NPR was interviewing an expert (something about politics, finance, etc…) and the expert’s dog decided to join the conversation. In the background, on live radio, listeners around the world heard Fido bark. Several times. The expert must have scrambled to shoo the dog out of the room and close the door. And I can […]

Why the Gig Economy Isn’t Going Away

Most presidential elections come with rhetoric about jobs and the economy. And while the majority of jobs that come with an improved economy may still look like a traditional 40-hour employment agreement, freelance work is on the rise. And it’s not going anywhere. Whether you are a self-employed programmer, part-time graphic designer, or a member […]

Corporate Partnerships and Coworking Spaces

In many ways, coworking spaces are the antithesis of traditional corporate culture. With an environment based on flexible working spaces and 24-hour availability, coworking offices have a fluidity that is nearly non-existent in most 9-5 offices. However, because coworking spaces have become so prevalent, and because coworking spaces are producing some of the most innovative […]

Autistic People Can Solve Our Cybersecurity Crisis

Autistic People Can Solve Our Cybersecurity Crisis Wired, November 26, 2016 Alan Turing was the mastermind whose role in cracking the Nazi Enigma code helped the Allies win World War II. He built a machine to do the calculations necessary to decipher enemy messages and today is hailed as the father of the com­puter and artificial intelligence. […]

Year in Review 2016

JANUARY Data Privacy Day 2016 CyberTECH joined with the Ponemon Institute to co-host “Securing the Internet of Things: Data Privacy Day 2016” (Jan. 28) in Sacramento. The event addressed a wide range of cyber privacy concerns and the importance safeguarding private information about individuals and organizations. Mobile Solutions for U.S. Navy CyberTECH co-sponsored a two-day forum (Jan. 26-27) in […]

U.S. says cybersecurity skills shortage is a myth

U.S. says cybersecurity skills shortage is a myth Nov. 21, 2016 The U.S. government has released what it claims is myth-busting data about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The data points to its own hiring experience. READ MORE In October 2015, the U.S. launched a plan to hire 6,500 people with cybersecurity skills by January […]

Urgent: The first 100 days of cybersecurity in the Trump Administration

Commission urges better cybersecurity Urgent: The first 100 days of cybersecurity in the Trump Administration The Associated Press, December 3, 2016 A presidential commission has made 16 urgent recommendations to improve the nation’s cybersecurity, including creating a nutritional-type label to help consumers shop wisely and appointing a new international ambassador on the subject — weeks before […]

The Digital Nomad and the CoWorking Space

Gig economy… Side hustle… Digital nomad… The face of the workplace is changing. In an effort to attract talent and reduce costs, employers are utilizing coworking spaces to allow distance workers to work in a professional environment. And individuals are no longer looking towards traditional employment for part-time and full-time work. These workers now crash […]

Cylance® Proves Voting Machine Vulnerabilities

Cylance® Inc, a CyberTECH member, has announced the successful exploitation of critical vulnerabilities in a common model of voting machine. The exploitation of these vulnerabilities was previously thought to only be theoretical in nature prior to this revelation by Cylance researchers The compromise techniques are relatively simple to undertake, but do require physical access to […]

China Approves Cybersecurity Law

Lawmakers described the law as necessary to bolster its online security at a time of multiplying threats BEIJING—China’s government approved a broad new cybersecurity law aimed at further tightening and centralizing state control over the internet, including the role foreign companies play in Chinese cyberspace. The law, passed by the standing committee of China’s legislature […]

Recap: San Diego CyberTECH Good Neighbor Pitch Night

On the evening of November 10, 2016, I attended the San Diego CyberTECH Good Neighbor Pitch Night event. I estimate about 200 people attended throughout the night to eat, drink, network, and watch that night’s ten participating Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) companies give Pitches to qualified judges to assess individual presentations for content. I am one of the EIR Advisors that assist these companies as they […]

CyberTECH Opens Grind Coffee Shop

CyberTECH is pleased to announce the opening of its in-house coffee shop, Grind. By introducing a fully functioning cafe, CyberTECH is addressing one of the challenges for workers in the Banker’s Hill area – good coffee. With very few cafes and restaurants within walking distance of the CoWorking offices at First and Fir, CyberTECH Members […]

Wellness at Work

Work can be stressful; but your workplace shouldn’t be. The modern office has come a long way from the dull pallor of the grey cubicles and fluorescent lighting of the 1980s. To be fair, some work spaces seem to have gone too far… basketball courts and open floorplans might seem enviable — but could mean […]

CyberTECH Immersive and Emerging Technologies Lab

CyberTECH will soon launch its Immersive and Emerging Technologies Lab, it will be housed in xHive which is located on the 2nd floor of NEST CoWork.. Because virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) continue massive expansion in the personal use and professional use markets, CyberTECH is setting aside a space to explore both personal […]

A Practice Pitch for Startups

As part of Good Neighbor Taste of San Diego, Thursday, Nov. 10, 6-7 pm, at NEST CoWork Space, our initial cohort of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) will get a chance to present their Power Point decks to a panel of experts. Each EIR company will have three minutes to pitch to venture cap and business […]

For the Good of the Internet – of things

RIPE NETWORK COORDINATION CENTER Sure, for some the Internet of Things is just an opportunity to make money. But what if it’s also an opportunity to share our expertise — and in the process, make the world a better place? Addressing the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) during RIPE 72, one of the […]

Message to the next President: Online, we’re all targets

When it comes to cybersecurity, changing outcomes is about unity of mission, not command, and here our government is often at odds with itself. The next president, whomever he or she turns out to be, has a chance to change that. The hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) made juicy headlines –but it shouldn’t have […]

The ongoing saga of Yahoo’s data breach

NATIONAL REVIEW Facts are in dispute, Yahoo’s explanations are conflicting, and Congress can’t agree what to do. This much we know: On September 22, Yahoo admitted that some 500 million accounts had been stolen by hackers, including encrypted passwords, names, phone numbers, e-mails, but not banking information. The breach actually occurred two years ago, but apparently Yahoo […]

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Are Inside Your Company

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW When security breaches make headlines, they tend to be about nefarious actors in another country or the catastrophic failure of technology. These kinds of stories are exciting to read and easier for the hacked company to admit to. But the reality is that no matter the size or the scope of a breach, usually […]

Don’t Panic

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue Ever wonder what sorts of issues you may encounter as a creator or entrepreneur? Or when you might want to reach out to a real-life lawyer? That’s what Don’t Panic:) A Legal Guide (in plain English) for Small Businesses and Creative Professionals is all about. Published by […]

SD3D Printing gains initial seed funding

Founded in 2013, SD3D Printing provides a one-stop shop for innovative 3D printing, scanning and design services in San Diego. Here’s an investment update from co-founder David Feeney: “We were recently accepted into the Tech WildCatters (TW) accelerator program in Dallas, Texas. The process includes a $30,000 staged investment to help get us through what […]

Webroot buys Cyberflow Analytics

Webroot buys Cyberflow Analytics, to expand in San Diego Webroot, the market leader in next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence, has announced it has acquired the assets of CyberFlow Analytics, an innovator in applying data science to network anomaly detection. This acquisition enhances Webroot’s ability to address the explosion of internet-connected devices and an increasingly […]

QuiO announces $1.05 million investment round

CyberTECH member QuiO (kwee-oh), a San Diego-based digital healthcare company developing smart injection devices and connected cloud-based software for the clinical trial and chronic disease market, announced the closing of a $1.05 million seed round. The round was led by undisclosed investors with expertise in the health insurance, pharmaceutical and clinical research industries. Medication non-adherence […]

Tom Kereszti

MEMBER PROFILE: Tom Kereszti Company: The John Maxwell Group Founded: 2005 Leadership coach: Tom Kereszti Product/Service: Leadership development, workshops, mentoring, coaching, public speaking Website: www.JohnMaxwellGroup.com/tomkereszti Location: 1185 First Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92101 Contact info: Tom Kereszti 415-793-4509 tom@kereszti.com tomkereszti@johnmaxwellgroup.com Upcoming special event: LIVE2LEAD, leadership development seminar National simulcast hosted by John C. […]


VUEZ, pronounced as “views,” the French term for “view,” is a live media tech company that will give consumers and business professionals the ability to broadcast live, dynamic, and compelling video from anywhere in the world on all platforms. Founder/CEO: Jay Ringgold Co-founder/President: Victor Ross Product/Service: Multi-level, mobile-media production Founded: 2016 Expected launch: March, 2017 Website: www.vuez.com Location: 1185 First […]

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

CyberTECH Launches Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) Program California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as the global center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing. In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud […]

Drone Aviator Association

DRONE AVIATOR ASSOCIATION Launched early this year, the Drone Aviator Association (DAA) is a membership portal, the industry’s first drone-only trade organization that advocates for drone users. More than six million drone users are expected by 2017, continuing a 30% year-to-year growth rate. Benefits of DAA membership ($50/year) include FAA registration, access to certification courses, […]


Founded: 2016 CEO/Founder: Daniel Magy Product/Service: Drone Management Solutions Website: www.citadelthreatmanagement.com Location: 1185 First Street, Suite #103, San Diego, CA 92101 Quotable: “CITADEL’s goal is to secure the skies from nefarious drones. To do this, CITADEL has built a proprietary system that deploys a shield around high-risk targets and gives security teams the ability to automatically ‘depilot’ a drone as it encroaches […]

ObjectSecurity® wins award

ObjectSecurity® wins award from National Institute of Standards and Technology ObjectSecurity® has received a second-award phase to commercialize National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s access control policy testing technology. The Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) developed under the award will be integrated into ObjectSecurity’s core product OpenPMF™, which makes access control policies […]

Good to meet you, what do you do?

The Grand Opening of iHive @ NEST, now one of San Diego’s largest CoWork spaces with 16,000 square feet, was celebrated the evening of July 28. It was a lively, fun night of CoWork space, sliders, sundaes, summer sounds, and speed – networking, that is. First, the space: It’s a colorful, contemporary array of incubators, […]

Why SIOT Matters

Why SIOT matters so much The size of the IoT market is estimated to more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car and wearable markets combined by 2019, according to Businessinsider.com, a news and research website. At the same time, IoT’s security loopholes can wreak havoc in our lives, from enabling […]

Microsoft wins surprising privacy ruling

A surprising privacy win for Microsoft Microsoft has won its three-year lawsuit against the U.S. government over a warrant for a customers’ emails. The company has been fighting since 2013 to resist turning over the emails, which are stored in an Ireland-based data center. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled July 22 […]

CyberTECH members AttackIQ, PacketSled announce funding

Our congratulations to AttackIQ, and PacketSled, long-time CyberTECH members that announced significant funding awards at SIOT Black Hat in Las Vegas, Aug. 2-4. Located in Sorrento Valley, AttackIQ announced a $7.8 award that will accelerate FireDrill, its software product that allows customers to test whether their cybersecurity defenses are working. FireDrill allows companies to run […]

Apple Announces ‘Bug Bounty’ to Hackers Who Report Flaws

Criticized in recent years for failing to pay outside hackers who report bugs in its products, Apple announced at Black Hat that it would begin offering a so-called bug bounty to technologists who alert the company to flaws. In recent years, nearly every company in Silicon Valley has been rewarding hackers who turn over bugs […]

CoWorking Week: Shared work spaces on tour

CoWorking Week: Shared work spaces on tour By Roger Showley August 5, 2016       The fifth annual CoWorking Week, kicking off Monday, aims to show how self-employed people can thrive in a post-pajama environment. Five coworking spaces in San Diego County will hold free open houses to introduce the concept to people who […]

CoWork Spaces Available

COWORK SPACES AVAILABLE Looking for that perfect CoWork tech space? We’re pleased to offer “ONE DAY FREE” at NEST CoWork @ CyberTECH, in San Diego’s Bankers Hill, a few blocks from downtown. Offered in partnership with LiquidSpace. 1855 First Avenue, Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92103 Sample space: 1 unreserved desk w/ private kitchenette, modern […]


            Product/Service: A cutting-edge wearable device that enables users to share their point of view via a social-mobile app Founded: 2016 Location: iHive @ NEST, 1855 First Street, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92101 Website: www.mipovtechnologies.com (under construction)                 Co-founder/CEO:Nick Phillips Co-founder/CFO: Joseph […]

MIT Wine Social

Celebrate 13 years of sipping and socializing Make your plans now to attend the networking event of the summer…the 13th annual Wine Social, presented by the MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego.   WINE SOCIAL MIT Enterprise Forum, San Diego Wednesday, July 27, 2016 6 pm – 9 pm Birch Aquarium, La Jolla You can’t top […]

Bay Area ranks as top U.S. tech hub

Each year, the CBRE Group gives the nation’s top 50 technology cities a score based on 13 metrics such as college degrees, tech job growth and the concentration of tech jobs in the workforce. The top five winners: Northern California’s Bay Area, Washington D.C., Seattle, New York and Austin. CBRE, which releases such rankings annually, […]

Member Spotlight: Toronto Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and the eighth largest exchange in the world by market capitalization. Based in Toronto, the Toronto Stock Exchange is owned by and operated as a subsidiary of the TMX Group for the trading of senior equities. A broad range of businesses […]

The future of San Diego’s CoWork Space has arrived

You’re invited to join CyberTECH members and special guests for the official Grand Opening of iHive at NEST, Thursday, July 28. Covering more than 16,000 square feet, iHive at NEST reflects San Diego’s fast-growing leadership role in the hi-tech and cybersecurity sectors. The space is fully leased with 47 resident members. That total is expected […]

SIOT 2016: It’s almost time for Vegas!

We’re excited to host three networking events at the annual “Securing the Internet of Things” (SIOT) event in Las Vegas, Aug. 2-4. Together with leading industry stakeholders and key decision-makers, join us as we explore emerging trends in IoT and the latest advances in technology security and privacy. Tuesday, August 2 Masters Panels I and […]

Join our Coworking Manifesto for better cyber world

The Challenge We believe that society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. We also believe that new innovations are the key to turning these challenges into opportunities to improve our communities and our planet. Join our movement, Sign the Coworking Manifesto The Solution Coworking is redefining the way we do work. Inspired […]

Cyber Wars: High School Students Get Innovative

The gritty task of cracking complex codes and fending off hack attacks may not be official high school sports, but the competitive spirit was no less intense at California’s inaugural Cyber Innovation Challenge, held June 29 at Sacramento City College. Eight of the state’s top high school students competed against each other in a make-shift […]

CoWork Day, Aug. 11: Work free for a day at NEST

Looking for a CoWork space that’s convenient to San Diego’s downtown? you’re invited to work free at NEST at iHive on Thursday, Aug. 11. Located at the corner of First and Fir streets in Bankers Hill, in the Manpower building just a few blocks from downtown, NEST at iHive is offering the rent-free day as […]

Uber Pays Bug Bounty and Patches Vulnerabilities

Thanks to a team of bug bounty hackers out of Portugal, Uber has patched some system weaknesses. Uber has seen tremendous growth in recent years, acting as a market disruptor for personal transportation. With millions of registered users around the world, Uber stores the kind of sensitive, personal and financial information that could be extremely […]

Organizational-spanning characteristics of IoT Systems

One of the unique characteristics of IoT Systems, and one that adds to the complexity of a system’s deployment, is that they tend to span many organizations and entities within the institution. This is particularly true in Higher Education institutions with their city-like aspects, multiple service lines, and wide variety of activities in their buildings […]

Believe It or Not, Chinese-based Cyberattacks Have Decreased

Though no exact figures were released, a new report claims that last year’s almost daily cyber raids on Silicon Valley firms, U.S. military contractors, and major commercial targets by Chinese state-sponsored hackers have been significantly curtailed so far this year. The assumed reason: Chinese president Xi Jinping has brought the Chinese military – thought to […]

DHS cyber role elevated in new legislation

The Department of Homeland Security is likely to expand its role and profile as the lead agency in the federal government for cybersecurity. A bill approved by the House Homeland Security Committee could create a new DHS cyber defense agency that would be called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency. The transformation would reorganize and […]

Member Spotlight: Triton, Innovative technology and service solutions provider joins CyberTECH

Triton Services is a recognized leader with deep industry, business, and technology experience working for both Defense and commercial companies. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Triton Services, Inc. recently expanded operations to San Diego establishing their West Coast Offices at CyberTECH as they continue to develop their leadership role in the Government’s acceptance of open source […]

INFIX “Life Coaches for Companies” offers free initial consultations to CyberTECH Members

Infix your ideas and evolve your business with INFIX.US – Company Life Coaches will look at the operational and strategic aspects of your business and help you evolve to new levels. INFIX will coach your business with a fresh perspective, through guided change, and support your staff with best practices and necessary training. INFIX also […]

Korey Castillo as Director of Member and Partner Relations

Korey Castillo, a well-known member of the San Diego tech community, recently joined CyberTECH as Director of Member and Partner Relations. Understanding the important role that technology plays within businesses each day, Korey has been an ongoing supporter  frequently volunteering and helping to educate companies and individuals about the importance of cybersecurity best practices. “Korey has […]

CyberTECH Founder to Participate in “Real Disruption” Session at the SIOR 2016 Spring World Conference

On Thursday, April 14, CyberTECH Founder Darin Andersen will participate in a panel discussion about the sharing economy at the SIOR national meeting in San Diego. As we continue to grow the CyberTECH Co-working community, we are excited to join the discussion on how spaces such as NEST, CyberHive, xHive, iHive are great examples of […]

CyberTECH Partners with Wireless Health Hub

Over three years ago, the Wireless Health Hub (WHH) was founded by SoCal EED, a nonprofit organization with a goal of creating a startup community for entrepreneurs and investors in the Biomedical and Healthcare Industries. WHH provided a forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate with universities, capital providers, municipal leaders, and local accelerator and incubator programs, […]

CyberTECH Supporting an Established Video Developer Community as Part of our Workforce Development Campaign

CyberTECH has recently taken over as the Organizer of the San Diego Gaming Meetup. We have renamed the Meetup CyberTECH Video Game Developers San Diego. Why have we done this?  Simply we want this important Meetup Community to continue on and offer more Game the Developers the opportunity to learn through the Meetup process which […]

Mayor Kevin Faulconer to Officially Open NEST, San Diego’s Largest Co-working Tech Startup Space

Mayor Kevin Faulconer will preside over a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the official opening of NEST, downtown San Diego’s largest co-working space for tech startups, on Wednesday, April 6 at 10:45 am. The NEST ceremony will be held at 1855 First Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Manpower building, located in Bankers Hill adjacent to downtown. […]

Launch of CyberCalifornia to be Announced at RSA Conference

Non-profit Initiative to Promote State as Epicenter of Commercial Cybersecurity More than ever, California stands at the forefront of new technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the phenomenon of people and things (devices) connected to the Internet and communicating vast amounts of valuable data. Yet we are also increasingly vulnerable, a fact underscored […]

Evolution of the CyberTECH Newsletter

Since August 2014, the CyberTECH Newsletter has been a great source for our members, partners, sponsors, industry experts and all other CyberTECH supporters to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, events and more. Elements of the newsletter With the many activities and rapid growth of the CyberTECH Community, the newsletter has provided the opportunity […]

Randstad Technologies Joins CyberTECH as a Member and Partner

CyberTECH is excited to highlight our newest member and partner, Randstad Technologies. Randstad US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Randstad Holding nv, a $22.9 billion global provider of HR services. As the third largest staffing organization in the United States, Randstad provides temporary, temporary-to-hire and permanent placement services each week to over 100,000 people through […]

Randstad Technologies

Randstad US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Randstad Holding nv, a $22.9 billion global provider of HR services. As the third largest staffing organization in the United States, Randstad provides temporary, temporary-to-hire and permanent placement services each week to over 100,000 people through its network of more than 900 branches and client-dedicated locations. Employing […]

Scrambling to Communicate: Privacy Policy Content for Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield

By Fer O’Neil, a Knowledgebase Technical Writer at a security software company and a Ph.D. student. As the news of the demise of the Safe Harbor data sharing framework is replaced with statements regarding the completion of the EU- U.S. Privacy Shield, companies are scrambling to undertake compliance. One often unnoticed — yet important — component […]

CyberTECH Intern Shares Experience and Future Plans

Tomorrow’s technology, today. The future of technology innovation lies in the hands of our youth. Through internships, CyberTECH supports STEM education by encouraging our youth to explore science, technology, engineering and math related to cybersecurity and Internet of Things. CyberTECH interns are provided with the opportunity to make a real impact while developing technology, business, […]

CyberTECH Launches IoT Meetup in Seattle, Washington

This month, CyberTECH started an IoT Meetup Group in Seattle for anyone interested in the IoT including emerging technologies, security and privacy issues. All skill levels are welcome. “We are moving toward a world of connected devices at an aggressive pace,” said CyberTECH Co-Founder, Darin Andersen. The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as the […]

CyberTECH Expands Co-Working Space for a Total of Over 16,000 Feet!

CyberTECH Third Co-Working, Incubator and Startup Collaboration Space, nest, Now Open! The Fourth Space, xHive, to Open May 15, 2016! CyberTECH is providing a special offer to Co-Merge Members. Lease a space at nest by March 15 for 6 months and get a 7th month free! Contact us now for more information. This month, CyberTECH […]

CyberTECH Co-Founder Featured in Cloudmark Spear Phishing Video

Cloudmark, provider of carrier-grade messaging security and infrastructure solutions for the world’s most demanding fixed, mobile and social networks, recently produced a video panel on “The Insiders’ View – Spear Phishing and the Enterprise” where CyberTECH Co-Founder, Darin Andersen joined famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, CEO of Stealth Works, Ken Baylor, and SVP of Engineering for Cloudmark, Leon Rishniw […]

Pre-RSA Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast

In 2014, CyberTECH developed the Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast to bring together cyber and IoT professionals to network, hear 1-2 security presentations and have the opportunity to participate in an interactive panel discussion led by eWEEK Magazine. The tradition began during the Black Hat Conference in 2013 when a handful of CyberTECH and […]

CyberTECH Kicks Off CyberCalifornia Initiative at National Data Privacy Day Securing the Internet of Things Masters Event

On January 28, 2016, CyberTECH, a leading cybersecurity and IoT network, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and the nation’s most distinguished privacy think tank research institution, the Ponemon Institute, hosted the “Securing the Internet of Things: Data Privacy Day 2016” event in Sacramento, California. This event addressed these privacy concerns and provided a clearer understanding of the perceptions and potential threats that will […]

Comments on Startup Week Convergence Tech Crawl

Friday night, the San Diego CyberTECH organization initiated Startup Week Convergence Tech Crawl attracting about 150 people. The space was large enough to accommodate the gathering and plenty of good food and drink present.   CyberTECH itself  invests volunteer activities for California State’s, CyberCaliforniaprogram. We are a dedicated community and events like this one are not only fun and informative, […]

San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting Comments

The San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting early today was very productive. Six hours later we created a set of activities to guide the organization going forward. Some of the next steps for the Directors and we Advisors to the Board are to help standup the committee for the organization’s 2016 goals, develop the strategies […]

CyberCalifornia: The Epicenter for Commercial Cybersecurity

Acknowledging the truths about cybersecurity, protecting critical infrastructure, addressing the importance of information sharing and collaboration, and developing the cyber workforce are just a few examples of the many initiatives top of mind for California’s cyber leaders.  In a recent United States Cybersecurity Magazine article, “California Gold: Cybersecurity’s Emerging Epicenter”, members from the California Governor’s […]

Think Nationally, Act Locally

“Technology experts believe 2016 will be remembered in years to come as the tipping point where emerging technologies like driverless cars and virtual reality finally went mainstream.” – Neil Keene, The Daily Telegraph. Neil Keene was among the 6,000+ members of the media who observed the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the 1,278,870 mentions of […]

CyberFlow Analytics Wins First Place at the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge

It has been a long but exciting journey for CyberTECH Member, CyberFlow Analytics, a San Diego-based cybersecurity company specializing in “anomalytics”. In successive rounds since June competing against more than 3,000 entries from more than 100 countries, CyberFlow Analytics took first place at the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge at the IoT World Forum in Dubai […]

CyberTECH to Partner with Cutting-Edge Hybrid Service Provider ScaleMatrix

CyberTECH is partnering with ScaleMatrix to bring our Resident and Community Members the world’s most cutting edge data center technology. By partnering with best of breed technology providers like ScaleMatrix, we are able to provide the diverse CyberTECH community with the right platform and performance criteria based on their needs. As developers of ground-breaking data center […]

USD Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology

The University of San Diego recently launched its first Cyber Security degree program, a fully online Masters of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership. In keeping with their strategy for a robust cyber security education program, approvals for their next degree, a Masters of Science in Cyber Security Engineering, is scheduled to launch in […]

Confessions of a Social Engineer: What Every Business Needs to Know

While the global media consistently churns out a deluge of reports about “sophisticated” hacks against prominent individuals, organizations and institutions, the Social Engineer uses well known tactics and techniques to “hack the human” leveraging “bugs” in human phycology. Exploiting these “bugs” allows the Social Engineer to gather information, implement fraud to further a purpose, agenda […]

Path to a Career in Cyber

When I started my career in the US Navy, almost three decades ago, I originally went into the field of advanced electronics. It was close to what I wanted to do, which was work on computers. However, in the mid- 1990’s, I read a book that changed my life. The book, “Information Warfare,” was written […]

Before There Were CISOs – Part 1 (The ‘80s and ‘90s)

Some close friends and colleagues in cybersecurity encouraged me to write about ‘growing up’ in Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity during the computer era before there were CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer). I’m sure there are other Baby Boomers out there, who have similar stories to tell and understand what it was like as technologies […]

September 17, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Can Bitcoin Pay for IoT? at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California. Cybertech/iHive now has over 1,000 members. It is involved in local state, and national activities. There is a schedule of upcoming events at the Meetup website. This meeting was sponsored by: SquarMilner CyberUnited […]

CyberTECH 2015 San Diego Startup Week Breakfast Report

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, I attended the IoT Startup Table Breakfast held at CyberTECHin San Diego, California. During the general introductions by all 105 attendees, Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development at City of San Diego, spoke about his department’s objectives for making sure the city of San Diego remains a place to retain highly qualified talent for […]

April 9, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Internet of Things (IoT): Robotics and IoT Convergence at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California. About 68 or so people attended and we had a Panel Discussion consisting of five leaders in IoT, Robotics, and CyberSecurity. The Five Panelists were: Jeff Debrosse: Founder and CEO of Nxt Robotics […]

Webpass Brings Disruptive Innovation To San Diego

Webpass entered the San Diego market in 2012 with the idea of making people rethink their Internet. They did this by designing a product that was better and less expensive than what their competitors could provide, making them one of San Diego’s newest disruptive innovators. Through the simplicity of set-up, absence of contracts, blazing fast […]

Cybersecurity Awareness – Identity Theft (Part 2)

It’s been a few months since the Part 1 article on identity theft awareness. National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October and National Data Privacy Day on January 28th are both behind us. However, the need to be safe in cyber space is an ongoing process. In the previous article on Identity Theft, we covered […]

So you want to be a CISO

The position as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is not for the faint of heart, it requires knowledge of disparate security technologies, risk management frameworks, as well as network and security architectures. This position will also require you to interpret the applicability of numerous Federal and State Laws, Regulations, and Compliance regimes against your standing […]

What’s Next for Tech?

During a recent IoT (Internet of Things, for those not familiar) Startup breakfast I realized a few things; the internet is going places most people can’t fathom, and I should have tried harder in Science class. While we are still a long way from flying cars and ‘Rosie’ the robot maid, scientists and entrepreneurs are […]

Top 5 mistakes startups make with their privacy policies

Privacy policies are a critical pre-launch step for many web based companies. But not all privacy policies are created equal. Here are the top five common mistakes we see startups make with their privacy policies. 5. The company doesn’t have a privacy policy. Collecting information from your users without a privacy policy is remarkably risky. […]

A True Story and Opportunity to Share Yours!

Q. What does Hush Technology, CyberTECH, Emic Media and YOU have in common? A. An actively passionate interest in seeing San Diegan tech start-ups blossom! Let’s start with a story. A true story. Three Daniels at UCSD just wanted to get a good night sleep, so they invented “The World’s First Smart Ear Plugs”, Hush […]


Yes, learned. There was a whole lot of learning going on this past weekend at the CodeDay San Diego event held at the Ansir Innovation Center. In the words of Tom Paulus, Regional Manager and Lead Evangelist for CodeDay San Diego, “CodeDay is an inspiring event for students, many build skills and all leave with […]

Cybersecurity Awareness – Identity Theft (Part 1)

After conducting a public cybersecurity awareness seminar in February, and since my interview in April, the Borrego Sun has been interested in getting additional information and tips for people to stay safer online and protect their personal information. This article is the first in a short series to be published periodically, picking up where the […]

CyberTECH Intern Discusses e-Block Classroom Experience at e3 Civic High

Jah’neice Mitchell October 17, 2014 San Diego, CA For the 2014-15 school year at e3 Civic High, an additional course called e-Block has been added. e3 students attend different e-Blocks on Wednesday for 3 hours. The e-Block I am placed in is called Community Classroom. Community Classroom prepares students for internships, college and developing professionalism. […]


The winner of yesterday’s CyberTECH Spotlight Pitch Night. was EDGEHome. It was a honor to be invited to judge the competition. I focused on form while substance was handled by an extremely talented, intelligent and experienced group of start-up veterans. including Garrett Borunda, Neal Cunningham, and Ed Lake. EDGEHome CEO and Founder Scott Steele chose […]

The Art of the Pitch

When I first started speaking professionally a 45 minute keynote was the standard. At the birth of TED, the model got cut to ribbons when the standard became 18 minutes. On Friday night a small group of entrepreneurs will sweat and squeeze their pitches into an incredibly tight 3 minute box. I wish them luck. […]

ObjectSecurity OpenPMF is Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

CyberTECH Member, ObjectSecurity, an information security leader and the company driving model-driven security policy automation globally have positioned their OpenPMF model-driven security policy automation product for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). OpenPMF can now enforce access policies across interconnected IoT device landscapes interconnected via DDS, the predominant middleware platform for the industrial IoT. DDS […]

CleanTECH San Diego Partners with CyberTECH to Support San Diego’s Startup Community

Local nonprofit industry trade organizations CleanTECH San Diego and CyberTECH today announced a partnership to advance San Diego’s technology startup industry. Both organizations share a mission of stimulating and accelerating the San Diego region’s innovation economy. This new partnership combines CleanTECH San Diego’s focus on clean technology with CyberTECH’s expertise in cybersecurity and the Internet […]

A Short Introduction: Interpreter for Embedded Target

One of my friends, Mark Williamsen, writes a blog about his various projects. Recently he sent me this link concerning his, Measurement Appliance Design Page. This is a deep topic (to me) concerning how to create interfaces for embedded devices that acquires and then measures data. Here is Mark’s definition for a Measurement Appliance: “A […]

Where Does the Yellow Brick Road to IoT Lead?

In the Internet of Things: Fluidity of Purpose post, my main point spoke a little concerning how I perceive the ever-growing complexity of the Internet Of Things (IoT). I’ll admit there are probably an infinite number of perspectives one could take on that topic. How would a person start and in particular, what path should […]


“Should I put a QR code on my business card?” Jenny Olding posed this question not on Google but on Facebook. She got a better answer, and much more. SEO will always be important, but there’s a significant shift in how people find information on the Internet. It comes from the combination of social and […]

Soup Collaboration

In the famous fable a traveler arrives in a village with nothing to eat. The villagers rebuff him until he fills a cooking pot with water, lights a fire and places a single stone in the pot. One by one, the reluctant villagers respond to the traveler’s lament that the stone soup would taste much […]

The East West CyberTECH VIP Reception Experience

On June 25, 2014, I accepted a special invitation to attend the East West CyberTECH VIP Reception in downtown San Diego, California. As an Advisor to the Board of iHive, I found it to be an enlightening experience. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the people invited from the East […]

iHive Launch and San Diego Startup Week

San Diego, California is a fine and strong city. The people here want this city and region to remain a place of prosperity and growth. We in the Information Technology industry work hard with companies and government to achieve and then surpass worthwhile mutual beneficial goals. Today I was part of the launch of iHive, […]

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