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KPBS-FM Radio (NPR) Interview with Darin Andersen Chairman/Founder, CyberTECH Host: Maureen Cavanaugh Topic: Impact and aftermath of global WannaCry Ransomware attacks Intro (Cavanaugh): Organizations across the country have been bracing for an expected wave of “hacker attacks” this morning, after a so-called “ransomware attack” disrupted businesses on Friday. But the software attacks seem concentrated on […]

Interview with Darin Andersen on KPBS

“Midday Edition” Interview with Darin Andersen, Chairman/Founder March 8, 2017  Topic: WikiLeaks releases what it calls CIA trove of cyber-espionage documents Maureen Cavanagh (host): Joining me is Darin Andersen. He’s a member of California’s Task Force on Cybersecurity, chairman of CyberCalifornia and chairman/founder of a cybersecurity company. Darin, welcome. Q: The cybersecurity world wasn’t really […]

Interview with Darin Andersen on KOGO News Radio

March 7, 2017 INTERVIEW WITH DARIN ANDERSEN Host: Ernie Brown Topic: WikiLeaks’ massive release of highly sensitive documents that allegedly reveal the CIA’s covert, global use of software designed to hack smartphones, computers and internet TVs around the world. The release is regarded as a serious setback for U.S. intelligence agencies, which use cyber- hacking […]

What is a Smart City and How Do I Live There?

Although you might assume the growth and development of a Smart City would be precise and exact, Smart City growth is inherently organic. Because living in a Smart City is ultimately the result of human choices to build and utilize technology, there is no perfect path forward into the city of the future. Smart Cities […]

A New Administrations and Cyber Security

The recent presidential election has brought the issue of cyber security to the front page of most new sites and newspapers. It appears that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee headquarters and that China hacked into federal employee records at the Office of Personnel Management. Foreign governments are looking at our nation’s private information. […]

A New Generation Makes its Demands

In 2012, The Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics (vol. 9(6) 2012) published an article about the working habits of Millennials. Three points stand out: “Many of this generation’s parents are affluent middle-agers who are now confronted with progenies who are drawn to the “softer” side of life: art, poetry, music, and the surreal world […]


Locally Owned Coworking Spaces

In every business, from tax preparation to coffee, you have to make a choice between a national brand and a locally owned business. With the dramatically increasing demand for coworking spaces, remote workers and entrepreneurs have to make the same choice – nationally branded coworking or a locally grown company. (Obviously, we at CyberTECH are […]


Downtown SD Emerging as New Tech Hub

Everyone knows your basic US tech cities – Seattle and San Francisco. And thanks to the major tech players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, those cities will likely remain at the top of the tech heap for years to come. But San Diego is attracting significant attention as an emerging tech hub. And here’s why: Lifestyle […]

What Cyber Security Will Mean in 2017

First, let’s dispel the myth of hackers sitting on a couch or slamming espresso shots in a 24-hour café. At some point in the past, there may have been enough one-off hackers to comprise some measurable percentage of cyber threats. But those days are over. Hacking is big business. And these businesses are operating inside […]

The Human Factor

Cyber security isn’t all zeros and ones. In fact, the greatest threat to cyber security may be sitting under the mousepad at the reception desk. Or in an unlocked office. Or in your company’s training manuals. The human factor is the generally the weak link in any cyber security system. Humans simply don’t have the […]