CyberTECH IoT San Diego and IoT Seattle Hosts Joint IoT Smart & Safe Cities Meetup

Member Spotlight: Triton, Innovative technology and service solutions provider joins CyberTECH


Triton Services is a recognized leader with deep industry, business, and technology experience working for both Defense and commercial companies.

Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Triton Services, Inc. recently expanded operations to San Diego establishing their West Coast Offices at CyberTECH as they continue to develop their leadership role in the Government’s acceptance of open source Internet of Things (IoT) application platforms.

Triton’s Shawn Reuland was recently featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript as he works on the company’s  cloud-computing technology.



We are excited to welcome Triton to the CyberTECH Community!

To learn more visit the Triton website here.

INFIX “Life Coaches for Companies” offers free initial consultations to CyberTECH Members


Infix your ideas and evolve your business with INFIX.US – Company Life Coaches will look at the operational and strategic aspects of your business and help you evolve to new levels.

INFIX will coach your business with a fresh perspective, through guided change, and support your staff with best practices and necessary training. INFIX also offer process improvement, data analytic and staff augmentation services.

For the months of May and June, INFIX is offering free initial consultations and affordable help to CyberTECH Members.

For more information or to get started, contact or call 1-949-4UINFIX. You can also visit the INFIX website at

Korey Castillo as Director of Member and Partner Relations

Korey Castillo, a well-known member of the San Diego tech community, recently joined CyberTECH as Director of Member and Partner Relations.

Understanding the important role that technology plays within businesses each day, Korey has been an ongoing supporter  frequently volunteering and helping to educate companies and individuals about the importance of cybersecurity best practices.

“Korey has always been a close friend of CyberTECH. We are grateful that she is joining us on this exciting journey,” said CyberTECH Founder, Darin Andersen.

In her role at CyberTECH, Korey will drive communications and business development efforts.

“CyberTECH is on the cutting-edge of all things technology, and that’s exciting! I love the culture, the people, and the overall energy of the community. I am honored to join so many talented entrepreneurs and leaders.”

Please help us give a big welcome to Korey!

CyberTECH Opens Emerging Technology Incubator and Co-working xHive

CyberTECH Founder to Participate in “Real Disruption” Session at the SIOR 2016 Spring World Conference

On Thursday, April 14, CyberTECH Founder Darin Andersen will participate in a panel discussion about the sharing economy at the SIOR national meeting in San Diego. As we continue to grow the CyberTECH Co-working community, we are excited to join the discussion on how spaces such as NEST, CyberHive, xHive, iHive are great examples of new, innovative real estate product types that are changing commercial real estate generally and brokerage specifically.

Education Session: Real Disruption – The Sharing Economy and Commercial Real Estate (CE)

Moderator: Steve Weikal, MIT Center for Real Estate

Darin Andersen, CyberTECH
Matt Glade, Flexe
David Mandell, PivotDesk

We’re all familiar with (or have used) popular sharing services such as Zipcar, Airbnb and Uber. Now, this “sharing” model is coming to commercial real estate in a variety of forms. In this session, Steve discusses the new technology applications that use this approach to unlock value in real estate by increasing utilization rates, optimizing occupancy and decreasing market friction. This lively discussion with three industry innovators will provide a better understanding of how the sharing economy is poised to dramatically alter the office and industrial markets, and what it may mean for your business.

For the complete conference schedule click here.

For more information and to register click here.

CyberTECH Partners with Wireless Health Hub


Over three years ago, the Wireless Health Hub (WHH) was founded by SoCal EED, a nonprofit organization with a goal of creating a startup community for entrepreneurs and investors in the Biomedical and Healthcare Industries.

WHH provided a forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate with universities, capital providers, municipal leaders, and local accelerator and incubator programs, tapping into San Diego’s deep domain expertise in wireless along with its world-class life sciences and biomedical research capabilities.

More recently, complementary trends have emerged – smart phones and clinical devices have become indispensable extensions of traditional healthcare infrastructure. WHH has begun to focus more on assisting startups pushing the envelope in cloud-based personal and clinical health applications.

These trends demonstrate the convergence of healthcare devices with the “Internet of Things” (IoT), a growing network of smart devices, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables the collection and exchange of data. CyberTECH, already a leader in cybersecurity, has become a driving force in IoT, with a goal of providing resources and strategic programs to stimulate innovation in a wide variety of new application areas.

With these common goals in mind, we’re announcing a partnership between the CyberTECH and Wireless Health Hub to combine resources toward creating an even stronger forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect with stakeholders across San Diego. Going forward, our organizations will work together to stimulate innovation and help solve the technical and business challenges common to healthcare and IoT startups – the need for expert resources and access to early-stage capital.

Our first jointly sponsored event, the CISOpen Roundtable: Bio and Healthcare Security by Design will take place April 14th and will focus on Cybersecurity issues pertinent to biotech, life sciences and healthcare companies. Prior to the CISOpen event, the partnership will also be announced at the NEST Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on April 6.

Additionally, we have recently launched the CyberTECH Wireless Health Hub Meetup where we will host meetings at CyberTECH’s NEST Cowork space which also houses iHive, an Internet of Things Incubator, xHive and CyberHive.

Click here to join the CyberTECH Wireless Health Hub Meetup.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re now in the planning stages for more combined events and some ground-breaking initiatives.

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements!

CyberTECH Supporting an Established Video Developer Community as Part of our Workforce Development Campaign

CyberTECH has recently taken over as the Organizer of the San Diego Gaming Meetup. We have renamed the Meetup CyberTECH Video Game Developers San Diego.

Why have we done this?  Simply we want this important Meetup Community to continue on and offer more Game the Developers the opportunity to learn through the Meetup process which promotes collaboration through group learning.

This group is for established & aspiring game developers to network, share knowledge, and spawn innovative new games that’ll revolutionize the industry.

Join the Meetup Group today!

Please email with any comments or questions and we look forward to seeing you at our next Meetup.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer to Officially Open NEST, San Diego’s Largest Co-working Tech Startup Space


Mayor Kevin Faulconer will preside over a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the official opening of NEST, downtown San Diego’s largest co-working space for tech startups, on Wednesday, April 6 at 10:45 am.

The NEST ceremony will be held at 1855 First Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Manpower building, located in Bankers Hill adjacent to downtown. Covering more than 16,000 square feet, the newly-opened space reflects San Diego’s fast-growing leadership role in the hi-tech and cybersecurity sectors.


Along with Mayor Faulconer, more than 100 elected officials, business, civic and tech leaders are expected to attend including event MC Reo Carr, Executive Editor, San Diego Business JournalSherri S. Lightner, San Diego City Council President District 1; Shelley Zimmerman, Chief of Police, City of San Diego; Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development, City of San Diego; Phil Blair, Executive Officer, Manpower San Diego; and Greg McKee, CEO, CONNECT.

In addition to saluting the new tech space, Mayor Faulconer is expected to announce San Diego’s role as an innovator within the new “Smart and Safe Cities” campaign, part of the recently launched state-wide initiative, CyberCalifornia.

NEST Ribbon-cutting Ceremony with Mayor Faulconer
Wednesday, April 6, 10:30-11:30 am
Manpower, 1855 First Avenue, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA 92101

Funding for NEST derives from a $40,000 City of San Diego grant, part of the city’s Regional Economic Development Corporation Transient Occupancy Tax funding program. Under the guidance of San Diego-based cybersecurity executive Darin Andersen, NEST is supported by resident and non-resident membership fees, plus sponsor partners and grants. The space is fully leased with 42 resident members. That total is expected to grow to 80 companies by mid-2017. For every resident member, NEST also supports an additional four non-resident members through its Community Social Incubation Model.

“We’re grateful that Mayor Faulconer and his staff fully recognize that our newest co-working venture will serve to further accelerate the region’s startup sector, with its growing emphasis on downtown,” said Andersen, chairman of CyberCalifornia, a non-profit security alliance of industry, government and academic leaders. “We’re equally grateful for the generous support and vision of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.”

Additional tech-themed working spaces within the Manpower building include: CyberHive, iHive, and xHive, featuring an array of incubators, shared workspaces, temporary workspaces and co-working spaces.

To RSVP for the ceremony please click here.

For more information about NEST please click here.

CyberTECH March 2016 IoT Meetup Report

San Diego CyberTECH March 2016 IoT Meetup Report

This blog was written by Don Larson at NewAdventures.

I attended the Thursday night San Diego CyberTECH IoT Meetup where about 80 or sopeople attended. The theme was The Rise of Machine Learning and presented in a TED Talk format. I served as the Master of Ceremonies for this meeting.

A video was taken and should appear in the CyberTECH YouTube Channel in the near future.

We had four qualified speakers discuss Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as indicated below:

  • Bill Bonney – Thinking Machines: What is Artificial Intelligence?
    • Bill is a principal consulting analyst for TechVision Research, where he covers IoT, Identity Management and emerging technologies such as the block chain. In addition to his role at TechVision, he spends what spare time he has as a technology evangelist, especially in the Information Security space.
    • Bill Bonney

  • Patryk Laurent – Existing and Emerging AI Technologies for Personal IoT
    • Patryk Laurent has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, and specialized in understanding how neural systems learn to act and pay attention based on reinforcement. He moved to San Diego three years ago to work at Brain Corporation, a late-stage startup that focuses on making brains for robots.
    • Patryk Laurent

  • Tom Caldwell – How we’re using AI to secure “things
    • A veteran of Cisco and Microsoft, Tom has deep expertise in delivering Cloud-based software products and large scale software systems to large enterprise and service providers. Tom is a founder and currently leads the engineering effort at CyberFlow Analytics, a Network Behavioral Analytics company focused on securing Industrial IoT and Enterprise IT. Prior to that he served as President of LonoCloud, a cloudPaaS company acquired by ViaSat. With a MS in Computer Science, he has more than 20 years in business and software engineering.
    • Tom Caldwell

  • Jeff Debrosse – Teaching robots about context
    • A member of our community for the last 13 years when Jeff came to San Diego to join an Intel spin-off that was acquired by LSI, ran the research department for ESET as well as Websense, which was also acquired, and co-chaired the Federal law enforcement working group for Securing Our eCity for over 4 years. He recently launched is latest company in San Diego, NXT Robotics (pronounced “next robotics”), which provides a B2B subscription-based security monitoring and reporting service for data centers, commercial property and parking management companies. NXT provides this service using autonomous security robots on the customers premise and provides analytics/reports via their cloud-based infrastructure.
    • Jeff Debrosse

The event kicked off with a CyberTECH Members Meetup at 4 PM followed by our first CyberTECH Video Game Developers Meetup at 5 PM where we discussed ideas for upcoming Meetups.  At 6 PM we started our IoT Meetup led by Co Chairs Bill Bonney and Don Larson and lasted to about 9:00 pm, that’s when I left anyway.  Food and drinks were served (tasty chicken and waffles and new beer from our brew master Ace Sklar was a hit – we dusted an entire keg.) The gathering was very energetic with plenty of time for social networking and speaking with the presenters in an informal setting.

One of my long-time friends, Paul Webber, President of the San Diego Java Users Group, came and he expressed an interest in Robotics. I pointed him towards C-level folks who manage companies that develop commercial robots. I also mentioned CyberTECH’s XHive Incubator for more information.

The next event is Mayor Faulconer’s Ribbon Cutting on 6 April from 10 AM to 5 PM – sushi on the menu for that!

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups. I’ll look for you there. :-)

Evolution of the CyberTECH Newsletter

Since August 2014, the CyberTECH Newsletter has been a great source for our members, partners, sponsors, industry experts and all other CyberTECH supporters to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, events and more.


Elements of the newsletter

With the many activities and rapid growth of the CyberTECH Community, the newsletter has provided the opportunity to highlight key announcements such as office space expansions, new advisory board members, community members, industry news and trends, events, and more.

While the look and feel along with the format has changed over time, many of the key elements of the newsletter remain the same.

Header Image

This is typically the first part of the newsletter that people see. The image often aligns with the theme of the newsletter which is discussed in more detail in the introduction section. For example, the February 2016 newsletter is primarily focused on the upcoming RSA Conference hence the CyberTECH Securing the Internet of Things (SIOT) Masters event image that can be found in various places including the SIOT webpage and the event registration page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.20.19 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.19.02 PM

Introduction Section

This is the first text section of the newsletter. The introduction section is where the newsletter theme comes to life. It includes background or supporting information, why the topic matters, and how it relates to relevant CyberTECH activities or initiatives being discussed or announced. Examples of past newsletter themes include San Diego Startup Week, the Good Neighbor Event, the launch of CyberCalifornia, or the office expansion and launch of xHive co-working space.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.31.03 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.28.58 PM

Industry News

The emerging technology, cybersecurity and IoT industries are constantly changing. Through information sharing and leveraging the brilliant minds of the community, we constantly strive to be a trusted resource for the latest news and trends. Some examples of industry professionals who contribute to the newsletter include Alan Watkins, Neal Leavitt, Charles “Chuck” Brooks, Jerry Gitchel, Gary Hayslip, Cleve Adams, Darin Andersen, Fer O’Neil, Chuck Benson, Don Larson, Bill Bonney, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.42.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.45.12 PM

Featured Members

The CyberTECH Members are the engine of the community. With over 50 “resident members” working from the office spaces and over 50 “non-resident members”, the CyberTECH membership includes a diverse blend of public and private entities with interests and operations across the nation. As a CyberTECH member, individuals and organizations have access to CyberTECH Incubators and Co-Working Spaces (CyberHive, iHive, xHive and nest), business development services and programs, and a distinguished network of professionals focused on fostering innovation and economic development.

The newsletter has been a great way to spotlight members, share member news and encourage other organizations to get involved.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.51.09 PM

Upcoming Events

Having produced approximately 200 local and national events over the last 3 and a half years, the newsletter is a popular way to keep the community in the loop with previous and upcoming events.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.57.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.57.58 PM


The CyberTECH sponsors are a critical part of the overall success of CyberTECH. As a non-profit organization, our success and ability to be a sustainable organization, helping to advance the adoption of cyber and emerging technologies, depends on the support and contributions of our sponsors and partners. The newsletter is an ideal platform to promote and show our appreciation for our supporters.

In additional to the dozens of organizations and individuals who have contributed to the CyberTECH Community, there are a handful of organizations who have stepped up to sponsor the monthly newsletter. These companies include Webpass, Manpower, CyberUnited and CyberCalifornia.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 5.00.13 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 5.00.26 PM

So what’s new?

While there are not currently plans to alter the main elements of the newsletter (if anything, add!), we have decided to make adjustments to the overall layout and amount of information that is included in the newsletter.

At the top of the newsletter, you will notice that a table of contents section has been added. You will also see that the bulk of the news and information now lives on our blog. There are more images too!

Because we do have a great amount of information to share, we are leveraging the CyberTECH blog. We believe this will give supporters the opportunity to refer back to information, news, updates, etc. while also being able to easily scan the topics and news.

These changes have been inspired by generous feedback provided by the community, advisors and members.

We are excited about the new direction and welcome any additional feedback, suggestions, etc. If you have any thoughts, please contact us here.

We appreciate your feedback and continued support!

CyberTECH Intern Shares Experience and Future Plans

Tomorrow’s technology, today.

The future of technology innovation lies in the hands of our youth. Through internships, CyberTECH supports STEM education by encouraging our youth to explore science, technology, engineering and math related to cybersecurity and Internet of Things. CyberTECH interns are provided with the opportunity to make a real impact while developing technology, business, marketing and operational skills in a stimulating and innovative environment.

One of the first CyberTECH Interns was Jah’neice Mitchell, a student at e3 Civic High School. Jah’neice joined CyberTECH as a Sophomore and has been an important part of the CyberTECH organization. From planning, organizing and promoting events to managing the day-to-day operations, we are fortunate to have Jah’neice part of the CyberTECH team and community.

To get a better understanding of her experience at CyberTECH and the organization has and will continue to prepare for her next adventures, we asked Jah’neice to share her story.

How your time as a CyberTECH intern prepared you for college? Other jobs?

“CyberTECH has prepared me in multiple ways. For example, the meaningful relationships I’ve been able to develop with others. I’ve met so many people who have made a significant impact on me as a person and on my outlook on life. I’ve built relationships with professors, experts, retired and active military, and many other types of professionals.

I have also learned a lot about time management. Not only with managing school and the internship, but also with events and all of the preparation that’s required. The experience has taught me how to better manage my time – I know this will benefit me in college as well.”

How do you think your experience as a CyberTECH intern will prepare you post graduation?

“Working at CyberTECH, I had the chance to learn about marketing systems and tools that I didn’t know much about. For example, the CRM system. I have also become familiar and comfortable working in programs such as excel. 

Working at many of the events I also learned how to better organize, prepare, and execute events. From 10 person to 100+ people, I gained a great amount of experience that I’ll be able to apply going forward. 

One of my dreams is to eventually own my own business. Having worked with so many entrepreneurs and within the local startup community, I learned some of the fundamentals about starting a business.”

What was the most important lesson you learned as a CyberTECH intern?

“One of the biggest lessons I learned during my time at CyberTECH was to think things out on your own. Its okay to ask for help but its important to try and do things by yourself especially when it requires little assistance.”

How would you describe your overall experience as a CyberTECH Intern?

“Tremendous. I’ve met some exceptional people and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. It also helped to develop my confidence.”



What advice can you give to other high school interns who are interested in working with CyberTECH?

“Don’t be shy and make connections – you really are surrounded by hard working people and successful people. If you have questions – ask – make as many connections as possible. Familiarize yourself with your surrounding – it’s good to know where things are.”

What are your plans post high school graduation?

” After graduation, I plan to attend a 4 year university and major in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering that way I can become a pharmaceutical toxicologist for the FDA or an engineer.

I have applied to over 20 schools and been accepted to 14 colleges thus far. I have also been offered academic scholarships from 4 of the schools I’ve been accepted to.

In March, I will find out if I received the Gates Millennium Scholarship.” 

Driven by her desire to learn, grow and make a positive impact, Jah’neice Mitchell has always demonstrated a high degree of integrity and potential to be a leader in every task and project assigned to her. We are excited for Jah’neice to start her next chapter and know she will continue to make a positive impact not only our community but any organization or project on the horizon.

Jahneice 3

CyberTECH Launches IoT Meetup in Seattle, Washington


This month, CyberTECH started an IoT Meetup Group in Seattle for anyone interested in the IoT including emerging technologies, security and privacy issues. All skill levels are welcome.

“We are moving toward a world of connected devices at an aggressive pace,” said CyberTECH Co-Founder, Darin Andersen. The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as the “IoT”, is the use of data by business, systems and people to make informed decisions in real time. LTE estimated 2B devices alone by year’s end 2017. We are expected to reach 4% of connections by 2015 and 10% by the end of 2018.

As we move closer to connecting every person and device in the world, our economic future will depend even more on maintaining a unified global Internet. As a result, the billions of interconnected intelligent devices will generate insurmountable amounts of data that will need to be secured. This reality will require companies of all shapes and sizes to work collaboratively to ensure efficiency and security.

“We strongly believe this is a very important topic that will continue to grow and affect each industry through what we are calling convergence,” commented Mr. Andersen.

The first Meetup is scheduled for Thursday, March 17 at the SURF Incubator in Seattle Washington.

Please visit the Meetup Group for additional information and to sign up.

CyberTECH Expands Co-Working Space for a Total of Over 16,000 Feet!


CyberTECH Third Co-Working, Incubator and Startup Collaboration Space, nest, Now Open!

The Fourth Space, xHive, to Open May 15, 2016!

CyberTECH is providing a special offer to Co-Merge Members. Lease a space at nest by March 15 for 6 months and get a 7th month free! Contact us now for more information.


This month, CyberTECH launched its 3rd co-working, incubator and startup collaboration space in San Diego, nest. Perched with amazing views overlooking downtown and the San Diego Bay, nest is 5,000 square feet of full service co-working space with a full kitchen, gym, showers, coffee bar, telephone booths, a meditation and relaxation room, and many work options.

The nest space is currently 63% leased with companies including reTech Labs, CyberUnited, Wescor, Mojo Marketing, Live Well San Diego, MaFe, LLC, Amgen Tour of California, and Strength by Ciani.

photovisi-download (2)

The new co-working space is part of CyberTECH’s 16,000+ square feet network of work spaces located in the Manpower building in Bankers Hill just adjacent to downtown and Little Italy. CyberTECH’s work spaces in the Manpower Building include a coffee shop, 4 kitchens, 3 conference rooms, 2 telephone rooms, a meditation and relationship room, a gym, 2 patios, a live music and DJ stage and many other amenities.

nest has 20+ reserved and non reserved “hot” desks accessible on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are also numerous private offices suitable for 1 person to entire 12 person teams.  “Our CyberHive and iHive co work and incubator spaces are 100% occupied, so we are opening nest (and xHive announced late last year and currently under construction) to accommodate additional Members” says Mohammed “Mo” Rahseparian, CyberTECH’s General Manager of Operations.

Pricing for nest starts as low as $200 per month and private offices range from $600-$3000 per month. Membership to nest provides access to all of CyberTECH’s incubators.


Approaching its fourth year, CyberTECH continues to lead the IoT and innovation community with plans to work with another 20-30 companies in 2016. With software-defined everything on the frontier, along with robotics, 3D printing, drones and other advancing technologies,

CyberTECH will launch its 4th incubator and shared workspace, xHive, on May 15, 2016 with 12 new offices. xHive will provide a collaborative environment to drive the innovation that leads to the development of advanced new technologies including devices powering the IoT, software and app development including robotics, 3D printing and drones.

According to CyberTECH Executive Director Shirley Adams, “xHive is our 5th expansion in the Manpower building in Banker’s Hill. This will increase our floor space by 40% and add new parking space options and other new member amenities.”

Additionally, xHive has partnered with SD3D to construct a highly automated medium production 3D printing studio inside the expansed facility. There will also be a new Robotics and Drone Lab and a full service coffee shop, shower facilities and a new second outdoor patio area will provide CyberTECH Members with exciting new workspace options.

Opening May 15, 2016, xHive will offer shared workspace for as little as $100/month, options for dedicated desks and/or private offices, access to conference rooms, robust connectivity, and a variety of other benefits that can be found here. Members gain priority access to mentorship and other resources including 100+ fellow cybersecurity, high tech and IoT incubator and shared workspace companies.

In addition, CyberTECH is providing a special offer to Co-Merge Members. Lease a space at nest by March 15 for 6 months and get a 7th month free! Contact us now for more information.

For additional information on working from any of the CyberTECH work spaces please contactMohammed “Mo” Rahseparian here.

Pre-RSA Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast

In 2014, CyberTECH developed the Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast to bring together cyber and IoT professionals to network, hear 1-2 security presentations and have the opportunity to participate in an interactive panel discussion led by eWEEK Magazine.

The tradition began during the Black Hat Conference in 2013 when a handful of CyberTECH and industry leaders were looking for a place to have breakfast meetings, the one restaurant to accept reservations was an Irish Pub. The ad-hoc breakfast was well attended with meaningful conversations and relationships being developed. This inspired CyberTECH to evolve the breakfast into what is now the CyberTECH Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast with “Irish Pub style” with Bangers & Mash and other classic Irish breakfast foods.

The Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash eWEEK Roundtable Breakfast will take place on Tuesday, March 1 at the Chieftain Irish Pub in San Francisco, CA during the RSA Conference.

To prepare for the upcoming breakfast, CyberTECH and Cooley, LLP partnered with the San Diego Business Journal to produce a Pre-RSA Bangers and Mash during the CyberTECH Security Table Breakfast on Friday, February 12.


The Security Table Breakfast is the ideal setting for cybersecurity and IoT professionals to connect with members of the CyberTECH community to evaluate the current cyber landscape, and build awareness around the most relevant and hot-button issues in cybersecurity.

At this San Diego Meetup, we talked about this year’s RSA conference theme “Connect and Protect” and about the hottest Cyber, IoT and Emerging Technology Trends with regional and national peers and media.

Reo Carr, Editor of San Diego Business Journal and Bill Bonney, Principal Consulting Analyst and Information Security Executive at TechVision Research interviewed today’s leading experts about the hottest security trends at this year’s RSA conference.



Special Guests included:

1.  Dave Titus – SVP, Cooley

2.  Gary Martino – Director of Information Security, West Health Group

3.  Scott King – CISO, Sempra

4.   Gary Hayslip, Deputy Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Information Technology

5.  Erik Caldwell – Economic Development Director, City of San Diego

6.  Council President Sherri Lightner – City of San Diego

7.  Jonathan Parnell – CEO, Tuliva

8.  Rusty Sailors, CEO, LP3-SecurIT

9.  Adib Nasle, CEO, Xendee

10.  Loren Stocker, (privacy expertise)

11.  Rick Moy, CEO and President, EdgeNext (former NSS Labs Founder)

12.  Steve Nye, President and CEO, CyberFlow Analytics

13.  Darin Andersen, CEO, CyberUnited

14.  Michael Linehan, Member Technical Staff, Industrial Internet Consortium

15.  Emory Roane, Juris Doctor Candidate, California Western School of Law, Co-Host, This Week in Law

16.  Joseph A. Oregon, Information Security Program Manager, IT Security/Cyber Intelligence Unit, San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC)

17.  Jauher Zaidi, Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer, Palmchip Corporation

18.  Paul Martini, CEO iboss

Event sponsors included Cooley LLP, Randstad USA, CyberUnited, SquarMilner, CyberCalifornia and our Media Sponsor San Diego Business Journal.

For more information on the March 1 Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash eWEEK Roundtable Breakfast at the Chieftain Irish Pub in San Francisco, CA during the RSA Conference, please contact Darin Andersen.

Comments on Startup Week Convergence Tech Crawl

Friday night, the San Diego CyberTECH organization initiated Startup Week Convergence Tech Crawl attracting about 150 people. The space was large enough to accommodate the gathering and plenty of good food and drink present.



CyberTECH itself  invests volunteer activities for California State’s, CyberCaliforniaprogram. We are a dedicated community and events like this one are not only fun and informative, they serve as a public relations forums to spread the news among the many participating companies including numerous incubator startups.

A number of attendees spoke in support of the participating organizations and how the combined efforts continue to make San Diego a focal point for technology. I quote a part of that linked 2015 article in support of what takes place in this region:

“As long as this level of interest continues, there is nothing to keep San Diego from expanding to a point where it could even eclipse Silicon Valley. For now, entrepreneurs and established tech companies will keep taking advantage of the many viable opportunities in this area, and tech workers can choose between a wide variety of high-paying jobs that can put their skillsets to work.”

CyberTECH’s Co Founder and CEO, Darin Andersen, asked me to present topic of 5-7 minutes for two different segments of this meeting. I chose to speak on: Leadership;  Teamwork; and Mentoring. Those three elements must always be present as strong foundations to build effective and supportive organizations.

I believe CyberTECH provides a motive force in that regard and formed its presence, being referenced as a template for other related volunteer organizations to evolve themselves.

In closing, I always think a meeting is successful when much conversation takes place. Friday night’s event succeeded on that point very well.

This blog was written by Don Larson.

San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting Comments

The San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting early today was very productive. Six hours later we created a set of activities to guide the organization going forward.

Some of the next steps for the Directors and we Advisors to the Board are to help standup the committee for the organization’s 2016 goals, develop the strategies and tactics to manage those deliverables. This setting lets me practice my leadership and project management skills.

Also, I was appointed as a second Co-Chair for the Internet of Things Meetupsthroughout the coming year. It’s a great opportunity to help shape this very important element of this large CyberTECH organization.

Blog written by Don Larson, Co Chair Internet of Things (IoT) Meetups, CyberTECH.

Think Nationally, Act Locally

“Technology experts believe 2016 will be remembered in years to come as the tipping point where emerging technologies like driverless cars and virtual reality finally went mainstream.” – Neil Keene, The Daily Telegraph.

Neil Keene was among the 6,000+ members of the media who observed the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the 1,278,870 mentions of the #CES2016 hashtag and 15.2 billion total potential social media impressions from January 5-9.

With approximately 3,800 exhibitors and more than 170,000 industry professionals gathering in Las Vegas for the world’s biggest technology showcase, CES is one testament to the tens of thousands of ways that technology is changing the world as we know it.

While emerging technologies like those observed at CES are considered more “mainstream”, the reality is technology is already considered to be “everywhere”. According to the Internet World Stats, there is an estimated 3,366 million Internet users worldwide – almost 50% of the world’s population. As modern technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to flood the markets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with evolving technology landscape and the cyber attacks that follow.

A Global Cybersecurity and Internet of Things Network, CyberTECH has made it our mission to stimulate innovation and advance the adoption of cyber, IoT and emerging technologies, locally, nationally and globally.

CyberTECH understands information sharing of best practices, trending technologies, and the latest threats is essential to individuals and businesses looking to better understand, manage and consume emerging technologies. Because technology, and cyber threats, are not confined to one location and many of the best minds in technology don’t live in one region, state or even nation, CyberTECH is expanding efforts to produce thought leadership events both locally and across the nation.

We invite you to travel with CyberTECH in 2016 as we bring together the world’s top industry experts and cyber professionals to lead discussions around emerging technologies, IoT security, privacy, innovation, the influence of policy and to provide forward thinking and actionable intelligence in an evolving, competitive marketplace.

Visit the CyberTECH Events website to learn more about our local and national efforts.

CyberTECH to Partner with Cutting-Edge Hybrid Service Provider ScaleMatrix

CyberTECH is partnering with ScaleMatrix to bring our Resident and Community Members the world’s most cutting edge data center technology. By partnering with best of breed technology providers like ScaleMatrix, we are able to provide the diverse CyberTECH community with the right platform and performance criteria based on their needs.

As developers of ground-breaking data center efficiency technology, ScaleMatrix delivers an array of cloud, colocation, managed services, data protection and connectivity options under one manageable umbrella. The company has developed a revolutionary high-density, high efficiency Data Center driving down the cost of cloud, HPC and colocation services.

“CyberTECH and ScaleMatrix share the same spirit of innovation and drive to stay ahead of the evolving technology landscape,” said CyberTECH Founder, Darin Andersen. “ScaleMatrix understands the importance of robust, reliable and secure IT infrastructure. Because the companies working with CyberTECH all have different objectives and problems they are solving, uptime, scalability and security is extremely valuable. We are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with ScaleMatrix.”

Houston, We Have A Problem (Cyber)

We all know every city has this same problem, so why share what’s up in Houston?   This city is in many ways like San Diego, as is Texas and California, so collectively they can set the cyber tone in the west. That is, doing collaborative, actionable things versus just continuing to admire the problem (threat).

Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA (SD is the 8th), both are very diverse in culture, business and academia (with SD the lead on the latter).

Houston has a large port district and maritime influence, SD has an even larger, more global port ecosphere.

Both have an economic and symbiotic relationship with Mexico and cross border opportunities (with SD the more mature effort).

Houston has a strong high technology effort, while SD leads in the cyber startup / incubator support infrastructure.

The academia, university, overall educational efforts are similar as well, with SD leading in education, especially with SOeC.

Houston is second only to New York with the most number of fortune 500 companies – thus business does business there.  SD has a wide industry base of government, academia, research, diverse businesses, etc. The two can complement each other in a highly symbiotic relationship.

So in short, it’s natural to link up the two as cyber sister cities, as well as the larger CyberTexas and CyberCalifornia initiatives. The ability to share cyber information can be geometrically increased, highly leveraged, and better integrated as partners between all three – government, business and academia.

So what’s Houston doing?  They have the usual professional security groups of course: ISSA, ISC2, Infragard and Houston InfoSec (a monthly happy hour, network, presentation affair), and a few others.

Infragard is especially active and has several SIGs, of which I support two – Maritime and Technology.

We’ve recently initiated a “Cybersecurity Solutions SIG” as a Houston MeetUp (though open to anyone) to better harmonize the various security groups as well as take a project, action oriented cyber focus, going beyond just information sharing.

Something we think every city needs to do in some manner.. aka, start DOING more cyber.

Blog written by Mike Davis, Deputy Director and Senior Manager, IT Security, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

September 17, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Can Bitcoin Pay for IoT? at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California.

Cybertech/iHive now has over 1,000 members. It is involved in local state, and national activities. There is a schedule of upcoming events at the Meetup website.

This meeting was sponsored by:

About 100 or so people attended and we had a Panel Discussion consisting of five leaders in IoT .

The Five Panelists were:

  • Bill Bonney (Moderator), Information Security Evangelist
  • Emory Roane; Juris Doctor Candidate
  • Justine Phillips; Special Counsel, SheppardMullin
  • Paul Puey; CEO & Co-Founder, Airbitz
  • Paul Boulanger; CIPP/US, CISSP, CIPT, CCSK, SoCal Privacy Consultants

There was much interaction between the audience and panelists regarding security of using BitCoin as a solution. After some initial exchanges of the benefits and complications of this new technology, the conversation evolved into other areas of using the BitCoin concept beyond financial transactions.

This is a continuing conversation topic. San Diego region has the technology talent and is a focal point for anchoring that talent here.

Some of the 100 attendees.

Each Meetup I attend brings many new faces and many new ideas to technology topics. At CyberTECH and The Silent Intelligence meetings the attendees are getting to the heart of the issues. I’m proud to be at the focal point efforts for both organizations in San Diego.

This blog was written by Don Larson.

CyberTECH 2015 San Diego Startup Week Breakfast Report

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, I attended the IoT Startup Table Breakfast held at CyberTECHin San Diego, California.


During the general introductions by all 105 attendees, Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development at City of San Diego, spoke about his department’s objectives for making sure the city of San Diego remains a place to retain highly qualified talent for the large number of technology companies there.

After the general introductions by , the group was broken into three sections to participate in the interactive workshops on these three topics:

  • Prove your MVP
  • Traction
  • Preparing for seed financing

The Thought Leaders for those sections were:

I enjoyed each session and discovered new facets of the three workshop topics that I didn’t know before today. That’s the advantage of attending CyberTech events where exposure to new knowledge is always present.

Thanks again for Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTECH for hosting today’s event along with the detailed help from Maggey Felix and Jenny Woudenberg.

This blog was written by Don Larson.

April 9, 2015 San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

I recently attended the San Diego Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup, covering the topic, Internet of Things (IoT): Robotics and IoT Convergence at CyberTech Network in San Diego, California.

About 68 or so people attended and we had a Panel Discussion consisting of five leaders in IoT, Robotics, and CyberSecurity.

The Five Panelists were:

  • Jeff Debrosse: Founder and CEO of Nxt Robotics
  • Kaveh Akbari Hamed, PhD: Assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University
  • Ping Wang PhD, Director at Techstars
  • Jason Oberg PhD, Co-founder and CEO at Tortuga Logic, Inc.
  • Bob Jannarone, CEO at Brainlike, Inc.

Four of the Five Panelists (not shown on far left is Kaveh Akbari Hamed, PhD, seated)

Much of the discussion revolved around definitions to try to distinguish between what is a machine vs. a robot, what limits do robots have, are they really a part of IoT or something else? The answers are not always easy to explain and in many cases there may be great or little overlap amongst them.

As the discussion and interchange with the audience evolved, I started to realize that although those questions have been raised previously in other meetings, I sensed the questions posed to the panelists and their combined responses contained less variation than in the past.

Could it be we are closer to committing to a common unification framework or is our vocabulary becoming clearer as a necessary first step?

Ping Wang made a very cogent analogy comparing Plants to what IoT is, and Animals to what Robotics is. That’s when I started to consider we are into a new phase towards convergence. I hope he considers publishing a White Paper on that concept.

Each Meetup I attend brings many new faces and many new ideas to technology topics. At CyberTECH and The Silent Intelligence meetings the attendees are getting to the heart of the issues. I’m proud to be at the focal point efforts for both organizations in San Diego.

This blog was posted by Don Larson, Time Out of Mind


Top 5 mistakes startups make with their privacy policies

Privacy policies are a critical pre-launch step for many web based companies. But not all privacy policies are created equal. Here are the top five common mistakes we see startups make with their privacy policies.

5. The company doesn’t have a privacy policy.
Collecting information from your users without a privacy policy is remarkably risky. In some states it may even be illegal depending on the type of website you operate. For example in California, commercial websites that collect personally identifiable user information which includes information that is commonly collected by commercial websites like names, emails and addresses are required to have a privacy policy. Even if you’re not in a state that requires your website to have a privacy policy, privacy policies are still helpful for setting consumer expectations regarding your use of their data.

4. The company copy and pasted (insert big companies name here) privacy policy as their own.
While most major companies do employ very good privacy law attorneys to write their privacy policies, these policies are tailored for that company’s specific needs. Copying and pasting their privacy policies as your own use can lead to a whole host of problems. While some problems, like forgetting to replace their business name with your business name, hurt you more from a business and customer trust perspective. Other problems, like making promises to do things you don’t do and can’t actually do (i.e. removing user data in a set period of time), could be legally actionable. So while having a privacy policy is important, it’s even more important to have a privacy policy that fits your company’s specific needs.

3. The privacy policy violates the privacy laws of the state in which the company is located.
Privacy law is a bit of a moving target and laws vary significantly from state to state. Certain state laws even contradict other states laws. However, as a rule of thumb it’s a very good idea to make sure you comply with any relevant federal privacy laws as well as the privacy laws of the state(s) where your business is located. If you’re not sure what laws you need to comply with, we highly recommend consulting an attorney in your area.

Continue Reading

This blog was written by Teri Karobonik, Staff Attorney Fellow at New Media Rights.

CyberTECH Intern Discusses e-Block Classroom Experience at e3 Civic High

Jah’neice Mitchell
October 17, 2014
San Diego, CA

For the 2014-15 school year at e3 Civic High, an additional course called e-Block has been added. e3 students attend different e-Blocks on Wednesday for 3 hours. The e-Block I am placed in is called Community Classroom. Community Classroom prepares students for internships, college and developing professionalism.

During my sophomore year at e3, I started to intern for a company called CyberTECH. Because I still have my internship for the 2014-15 school year, during community classroom I help Dean Krotz, Mrs. Leon and Ms. Lozano prepare other students for internships. Being able to help other students in this e-Block strengthens my leadership skills. When new interns come to CyberTECH, I will be able to use the skills I’m developing in this e-Block and put it to use.

Another topic we are going over is college and getting outside scholarships and letters of recommendation. During a couple of CyberTECH events, a few members have told me that they would write me a letter of recommendation and informed me about programs I could apply for to get scholarships. This is one of the many opportunities I have been faced with while working at CyberTECH.

Developing professionalism is also key when going out to intern. Taking selfies and posting them on social media when you are supposed to be working could be considered unprofessional. Posting pictures of your supervisor without permission is unprofessional as well. When I am at CyberTECH and all my work is completed, if I choose to take a couple of pictures, I will first ask my supervisor for permission.

Community classroom is a really great course for me because I am developing many skills that I will apply to CyberTECH. Not only is this e-Block helping me with my internship but it is preparing me for college as well.


The winner of yesterday’s CyberTECH Spotlight Pitch Night. was EDGEHome. It was a honor to be invited to judge the competition. I focused on form while substance was handled by an extremely talented, intelligent and experienced group of start-up veterans. including Garrett Borunda, Neal Cunningham, and Ed Lake.

EDGEHome CEO and Founder Scott Steele chose images for his slide deck. The contrast between a futuristic George Jetson image and the reality of the modern kitchen brought his point home in just two slides. It got my vote and more importantly, also the vote of my colleagues of substance.

Other participants chose text heavy slide decks (some in all caps). It cost them points in spite of the substance of their pitch.

What I learned all over again was there are no neutral slide decks. Clear images, a minimum amount of clear, readable text and smooth delivery wins, anything less should ditched.

What to Leave In.

Good Posture, Manners and Dress – I’m just saying.

Your Authentic Voice – You are the first asset investors consider.

Visual Focus – Please don’t make any sudden, threatening moves.

Fun – If you relax, we will all have great fun.

This blog was written by Jerry Gitchel

The Art of the Pitch

When I first started speaking professionally a 45 minute keynote was the standard. At the birth of TED, the model got cut to ribbons when the standard became 18 minutes. On Friday night a small group of entrepreneurs will sweat and squeeze their pitches into an incredibly tight 3 minute box. I wish them luck. Hell, wish me luck, I’ve got the pick a winner! I’ve been invited to serve as a judge for this Friday’s CyberTECH Spotlight Pitch Night.

Not being one to throw my fellow entrepreneurs to the wolves, I’m going to share with I’ve learned from my 15 years on the platform. Including the nightmare of speaking to Ms. Joanne’s 5th grade class and surviving the ComedyZone’s Stand Up Comedy School.

When it comes to presenting on any topic, to any size audience, there are three areas of focus. Visual, Vocal, Content. We’ll look at each as we walk through the three phases of Pitchfest.


Start with the content. It’s a variable that expands or contracts based on the length of the presentation. As the duration shortens, each word becomes more important. What to leave in and what to take out also varies. Each investor has their own idea of what they need to hear. Consider asking them directly. It’s not against the rules. If they say yes to your pitch, you’re going to have plenty of serious discussions later. Why wait? Start asking questions.

Rehearse, out loud please – At first it will be too long. Type it up, print it out, cut and slash and pound on it until you are UNDER the time limit.

Once you’re close, record it for your personal review – I know this is hard, but watch the clip Hey, it’s only three minutes!

Review then repeat until you’re satisfied. When you’re done, burn the evidence.

Prepare a list of possible questions. Rehearse your answers. The trick here is to provide a direct answer, then elaborate. If asked about 7, don’t start with 1. By the time you get to 3, no one will be listening.

The Pitch

The key here is to capture the audiences visual focus. As your introduction ends, walk to the center, turn and HOLD STILL. Wait two short beats then start your presentation.

Keep Calm and Pitch On – Don’t stop, but don’t hurry. Like playing the Blues, it’s the space between the notes that count. Bracket each statement with a pause.

You can move, but only in sync with the rhythm of your voice – Speak, stop, move, speak. Focus on an individual and deliver the next statement to them. Don’t stare, share.

Never. Ever, let the timer have the last word – It’s your pitch, you need to take it over the finish line. Trying to squeeze in a few more words at the end is selfish. Finish before the time calls you out.

Questions are the most important part – Have a member of your team jot down which questions get asked during Q & A. It’s the best feedback you can get for crafting your next pitch.


It’s NOT Miller time. Engage audience members individually. You already know how do did, so don’t even ask. Asking, “What did you like best?” gets the conversation started on a positive note. “What area would you have liked to hear more about?” eliminates the simple yes or no response.

Put the worms back in the can with a closing that includes a request for a follow-up conversation. Close with gratitude. Thanks for being here wraps up your pitch with a big bright bow.

I’m looking forward to working with San Diego’s finest. If you agree, use the link below to RSVP. You will be amazed!

Event Details

CyberTECH Spotlight Friday Pitch Night

This blog was written by Jerry Gitchel

CleanTECH San Diego Partners with CyberTECH to Support San Diego’s Startup Community

Local nonprofit industry trade organizations CleanTECH San Diego and CyberTECH today announced a partnership to advance San Diego’s technology startup industry.

Both organizations share a mission of stimulating and accelerating the San Diego region’s innovation economy. This new partnership combines CleanTECH San Diego’s focus on clean technology with CyberTECH’s expertise in cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) to nurture startups that bridge the sectors.

In January 2013, CyberTECH launched an incubator program and shared workspaces to provide startups with resources such as opportunities for mentorship and places to work. CleanTECH San Diego’s partnership with CyberTECH includes dedicated workspace for early-stage cleantech companies in iHive, CyberTECH’s IoT incubator located in downtown San Diego. iHive members receive benefits such as business support services, robust data connectivity, shared reception area, and conference rooms.

CleanTECH San Diego and CyberTECH will also work together to introduce San Diego-based startup companies to the clean technology and IoT industries through organized pitch events such as CyberTECH’s Spotlight Friday Pitch Nights and CleanTECH San Diego’s SCRUB Program. Both programs support early-stage companies seeking professional guidance and practice presenting their business plans.

“Cleantech, cybersecurity, and IoT technologies are rapidly converging in the marketplace, and San Diego, with its diverse and collaborative cluster, is poised to capitalize on this,” said CyberTECH Chairman and Founder Darin Andersen. “By leveraging robust IoT applications, CleanTECH San Diego is at the forefront of developing San Diego as a leader in clean technology innovation. Coupled with the CyberTECH community of the nation’s top security and IoT companies, CleanTECH San Diego and CyberTECH will work collaboratively to position San Diego as a smart and secure city.”

“Today’s cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions are innately tied to Internet of Things technologies,” said CleanTECH San Diego President Jason Anderson. “As society moves toward smarter cities and the ability to use sensors and big data to more effectively manage our energy use via online platforms, questions of privacy and cybersecurity inevitably arise. CleanTECH San Diego’s partnership with CyberTECH is a prime example of San Diego’s propensity for open collaboration between and across industries.”

Jason Anderson will serve on the Advisory Board of CyberTECH and Darin Anderson will join CleanTECH San Diego’s Board of Directors.

Soup Collaboration

In the famous fable a traveler arrives in a village with nothing to eat. The villagers rebuff him until he fills a cooking pot with water, lights a fire and places a single stone in the pot. One by one, the reluctant villagers respond to the traveler’s lament that the stone soup would taste much better if only he could add some “garnish”. As if by magic, each villager collaborates with ingredients until they do indeed feast on everything but the stone.

San Diego Tech Week demonstrated we have all the ingredients for a great tech soup right here in San Diego. All we need is to convince the villagers to share their gifts. We have collaboration at a high level as well as a commitment from the city administration. If we really want to get things cooking, we need your help.

In the recent report, The Rise of Innovation Districts, by the Brookings Institution, authors Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner report on the rise of urban enclaves fueled by innovation. Face to face collaboration was cited as the number one success factor.

If you are ready to rise above the labels “Just a Navy Town” or “Silicon Beach”, here’s some small steps that will swing big doors.

Dig Into Your Network – Identify your Peeps and Tweeps and give San Diego a shout-out in all your conversations. Invite them to visit, share your events, build the buzz.

Be San Diego Proud – Localize your social profiles by adding events focusing on the business of starting or investing in local business.

Sponsor a Cathedral Field Trip – As a teen I attended Encanto Baptist Church. We would attend the evening service of other local churches. It helped us build both awareness and a larger community. Engage the members of tech villages other than your own.

Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association said it best. Instead of trying to carve up the pie, “Let’s just work to build a bigger pie.”

So, which ingredients will you add to the pot?

This blog was written by Jerry Gitchel