Entrepreneur in Residence Welcomes Second Cohort of 2016

In an effort to encourage entrepreneurial growth in San Diego, CyberTECH created its Entrepreneur in Residence program (EIR) in early 2016. Because of the success of the initial cohort of businesses, CyberTECH opted to welcome a second cohort of business during the latter half of the year.

Each business represents a new and emerging approach to business by utilizing technology to spur further growth. The businesses have access to low-cost office space inside the First and Fir office along with other Member benefits like high-speed internet, printing, event space, and networking opportunities.

Moreover, these business owners have access to a rigorous regime of one-on-one coaching with industry experts and business professionals. The primary goal of these coaching sessions is to steer each business towards stability and growth. Stability becomes a key factor in the long-term viability for small business owners. While many small businesses experience short bursts of growth due to unique opportunities or market conditions, many of those same businesses fall short of creating a sustainable financial future. The EIR program intends to help those business owners avoid those pitfalls with coaching and mentoring.

Coaches include David Titus (Senior Vice President of Cooley LLP), Ignacio Yanez, Don W Larson for tech guidance, and Susan Rust (FlashPoint Marketing) for marketing support.

The 2016 EIR Cohort 200 group represents a range of industries including cyber-security, drone technology, sports media, and insurance. All the business share an enthusiasm for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit. CyberTECH will officially welcome the second Cohort Class of 2016 at 3rd Annual Good Neighbor fundraiser on Thursday November 10th from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Visit the Entrepreneur in Residence Program for more details

Don’t Panic

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue

Ever wonder what sorts of issues you may encounter as a creator or entrepreneur? Or when you might want to reach out to a real-life lawyer?

That’s what Don’t Panic:) A Legal Guide (in plain English) for Small Businesses and Creative Professionals is all about.

Published by New Media Rights, with offices at iHive @ NEST in San Diego, this recently-published book is designed to help new-business owners of all kinds.

Don’t Panic:) will prepare you to deal with a wide range of legal issues you’re likely to encounter as a startup creator or tech entrepreneur.

The book’s authors are Art Neill, executive director of New Media Rights; and Teri Karobonik, former staff attorney at the non-profit agency.

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Electronic version – $9.99 | Paperback – $14.99

SD3D Printing gains initial seed funding

Founded in 2013, SD3D Printing provides a one-stop shop for innovative 3D printing, scanning and design services in San Diego. Here’s an investment update from co-founder David Feeney:

“We were recently accepted into the Tech WildCatters (TW) accelerator program in Dallas, Texas. The process includes a $30,000 staged investment to help get us through what they call ‘The Gauntlet,’ which is their version of internally guided due diligence.

“The Gauntlet has five levels through which a startup progresses — Discovery, Build, Launch, Grow and Scale.

“Once a startup reaches Level 5, TW syndicates an investor dinner with the goal of opening and closing the startup’s seed round during that dinner. They lead the round with $100,000 of their own funding. Then the startup pitches to the group to bring in additional angels to the deal.
“Previously, every company that has reached Level 5 of the TW program has successfully oversubscribed their desired seed round during the syndicated investor dinner.

“We expect to reach Level 5 by mid-December. Bennett Berger, our co-founder and president, will be relocating to Dallas to ensure the process runs smoothly and remains on schedule.

“We will also be installing our second 3D printing kiosk at the TW headquarters in downtown Dallas. Our first was installed at iHive last month.”

SOURCE: SD3D Printing

Webroot buys Cyberflow Analytics

Webroot buys Cyberflow Analytics, to expand in San Diego

Webroot, the market leader in next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence, has announced it has acquired the assets of CyberFlow Analytics, an innovator in applying data science to network anomaly detection.

This acquisition enhances Webroot’s ability to address the explosion of internet-connected devices and an increasingly complex threat landscape. The company plans to expand its operations in San Diego.

Adding the FlowScape network behavioral analytics solution extends Webroot’s leadership in machine learning-based cybersecurity to the network layer.

As malware is now overwhelmingly polymorphic and advanced persistent threats (APTs) mask their activities within everyday network noise, SaaS-based FlowScape adversarial analytics and unsupervised machine learning enables Webroot to further reduce time to classify and address threats.

“Today, one of the only things attackers can’t find out about your network is what’s normal,” said Dick Williams, Webroot CEO. “This solution can identify and alert on potentially malicious activity that deviates from normal traffic in milliseconds.”

Sept. 21, 2016

QuiO announces $1.05 million investment round

CyberTECH member QuiO (kwee-oh), a San Diego-based digital healthcare company developing smart injection devices and connected cloud-based software for the clinical trial and chronic disease market, announced the closing of a $1.05 million seed round.

The round was led by undisclosed investors with expertise in the health insurance, pharmaceutical and clinical research industries.

Medication non-adherence poses significant clinical and economic problems to healthcare systems globally, especially involving chronic disease patients who must self-inject at home.

The internet of medical things (IoMT) has shown success in addressing the issue, including inhaler sensors, connected pill bottles, and other adherence monitoring devices.

However, patients taking injectable therapies do not have access to such tools today, and average adherence rates can be as low as 50%.  Poor adherence to injectable therapies results in over $14 billion in avoidable medical costs and $22 billion in lost pharmaceutical revenue each year in the United States alone.

“With over 15 million Americans prescribed an injectable therapy today, we see a large and growing need for a comprehensive drug delivery and adherence monitoring solution,” said Alex Dahmani, co-founder and CEO of QuiO.

“Injectable therapies, including biologics and biosimilars, represent the future of medicine, making up nearly half of the pharmaceutical pipeline,” said Dahmani. “These are amazing therapies, and our technology is designed to help them reach their full potential.  We may even help move cancer therapies out of the clinic, enabling patients to safely treat themselves at home.”

QuiO is developing the first real-time adherence monitoring solution for injectable therapies.  The solution is powered by a fully connected drug delivery device platform.

SOURCE: www.quio.com

ObjectSecurity® wins award

ObjectSecurity® wins award from National Institute of Standards and Technology

ObjectSecurity® has received a second-award phase to commercialize National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s access control policy testing technology.

The Automated Access Control Policy Testing System (A-ACPTS) developed under the award will be integrated into ObjectSecurity’s core product OpenPMF™, which makes access control policies more effective and manageable.

According to ObjectSecurity CEO Dr. Ulrich Lang, A-ACPTS addresses a significant gap in the fast-growing cyber security market. Founded in 2000, ObjectSecurity has San Diego-based offices in NEST @ iHive and in Cambridge, UK.

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue

Launching tech startup? “Don’t Panic” to the rescue

Ever wonder what sorts of issues you may encounter as a creator or entrepreneur? Or when you might want to reach out to a real-life lawyer?

That’s what Don’t Panic:) A Legal Guide (in plain English) for Small Businesses and Creative Professionals is all about.

Published by New Media Rights, with offices at iHive @ NEST in San Diego, this recently-published book is designed to help new-business owners of all kinds.

Don’t Panic:) will prepare you to deal with a wide range of legal issues you’re likely to encounter as a startup creator or tech entrepreneur.

The book’s authors are Art Neill, executive director of New Media Rights; and Teri Karobonik, former staff attorney at the non-profit agency.

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Electronic version – $9.99 | Paperback – $14.99

CyberTECH members AttackIQ, PacketSled announce funding

Our congratulations to AttackIQ, and PacketSled, long-time CyberTECH members that announced significant funding awards at SIOT Black Hat in Las Vegas, Aug. 2-4.

Located in Sorrento Valley, AttackIQ announced a $7.8 award that will accelerate FireDrill, its software product that allows customers to test whether their cybersecurity defenses are working.

FireDrill allows companies to run automated tests without the expense of hiring an outside testing firm. The tests let customers validate the effectiveness of their security systems.

 Source: San Diego Union-Tribune, Aug. 3, 2016

PacketSled, with offices in both San Diego and Seattle, announced a $5 million award. The investment will allow the firm to aggressively expand its sales and marketing initiatives while continuing to grow its engineering and operations components.

PacketSled provides customers with automated network visibility, detection, incident response and forensics in the cloud.

Source: PacketSled, Aug. 3, 2016

Going where no drone should go

Another CyberTECH member, SkySafe, announced in April that it had received $3 million in seed funding. SkySafe’s advanced technology disables drones that wander into areas where they shouldn’t go. Via radio waves, the technology overrides a drone’s remote to take control of the errant craft.

Source: TechCrunch, April 20, 2016

Member Spotlight: Triton, Innovative technology and service solutions provider joins CyberTECH


Triton Services is a recognized leader with deep industry, business, and technology experience working for both Defense and commercial companies.

Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Triton Services, Inc. recently expanded operations to San Diego establishing their West Coast Offices at CyberTECH as they continue to develop their leadership role in the Government’s acceptance of open source Internet of Things (IoT) application platforms.

Triton’s Shawn Reuland was recently featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript as he works on the company’s  cloud-computing technology.



We are excited to welcome Triton to the CyberTECH Community!

To learn more visit the Triton website here.

INFIX “Life Coaches for Companies” offers free initial consultations to CyberTECH Members


Infix your ideas and evolve your business with INFIX.US – Company Life Coaches will look at the operational and strategic aspects of your business and help you evolve to new levels.

INFIX will coach your business with a fresh perspective, through guided change, and support your staff with best practices and necessary training. INFIX also offer process improvement, data analytic and staff augmentation services.

For the months of May and June, INFIX is offering free initial consultations and affordable help to CyberTECH Members.

For more information or to get started, contact Andy@infix.us or call 1-949-4UINFIX. You can also visit the INFIX website at www.infix.us.

Korey Castillo as Director of Member and Partner Relations

Korey Castillo, a well-known member of the San Diego tech community, recently joined CyberTECH as Director of Member and Partner Relations.

Understanding the important role that technology plays within businesses each day, Korey has been an ongoing supporter  frequently volunteering and helping to educate companies and individuals about the importance of cybersecurity best practices.

“Korey has always been a close friend of CyberTECH. We are grateful that she is joining us on this exciting journey,” said CyberTECH Founder, Darin Andersen.

In her role at CyberTECH, Korey will drive communications and business development efforts.

“CyberTECH is on the cutting-edge of all things technology, and that’s exciting! I love the culture, the people, and the overall energy of the community. I am honored to join so many talented entrepreneurs and leaders.”

Please help us give a big welcome to Korey!

CyberTECH Opens Emerging Technology Incubator and Co-working xHive

Randstad Technologies Joins CyberTECH as a Member and Partner

CyberTECH is excited to highlight our newest member and partner, Randstad Technologies.

Randstad US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Randstad Holding nv, a $22.9 billion global provider of HR services. As the third largest staffing organization in the United States, Randstad provides temporary, temporary-to-hire and permanent placement services each week to over 100,000 people through its network of more than 900 branches and client-dedicated locations.


As a long time provider of IT outsourcing, Randstad recently joined forces with the CyberTECH community to expand its expertise in the cybersecurity and emerging technology arena.

Employing over 5,300 recruiting experts, the company is a top provider of outsourcing, staffing, consulting and projects and workforce solutions within the areas of Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Manufacturing & Logistics, Office & Administration, Pharma and Sales & Marketing.

Randstad is on the cutting-edge of HR services when it comes to staying current with industry and technology trends. The company recently announced the appointment of Chief Innovation Officer, Graig Paglieri. Earlier this year, they announced the details of its first-ever digital HR showcase. You can read about other recent Randstad news here.

In addition to joining CyberTECH as a member, Randstad recently sponsored the CyberTECH Pre-RSA Bangers and Mash Security Table Breakfast. They will also participate in the CyberTECH CEO Roundtable Dinner on March 2nd during the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

With over half a million open cybersecurity jobs in the US, we believe Randstad is a perfect partner for the CyberTECH community.

Please see the below information to contact Randstad:

Kirin Quackenbush
Account Manager
Randstad Technologies
4660 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92122
T: 858.431.2184
C: 925.487.3506
F: 858.458.1830


For more information on how you can participate in the CyberTECH Community, please contact us here.

CyberFlow Analytics Wins First Place at the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge

It has been a long but exciting journey for CyberTECH Member, CyberFlow Analytics, a San Diego-based cybersecurity company specializing in “anomalytics”. In successive rounds since June competing against more than 3,000 entries from more than 100 countries, CyberFlow Analytics took first place at the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge at the IoT World Forum in Dubai for securing the IoT with Anomalytics, taking home the Grand Prize of $150,000.

The Six finalists from Canada, Finland, Germany and the United States delivered Shark Tank-like pitches and demos before a live audience and finalist judges – themselves a “who’s who” of IoT industry leadership.

Beyond the cash prizes, the winners earned VIP access to industry, investment and business experts, including Cisco’s global Innovation Centers and Cisco investments team for potential business acceleration and joint go-to-market strategies.

A big congratulations to CyberFlow Analytics!

USD Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology

The University of San Diego recently launched its first Cyber Security degree program, a fully online Masters of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership. In keeping with their strategy for a robust cyber security education program, approvals for their next degree, a Masters of Science in Cyber Security Engineering, is scheduled to launch in January 2016 as a fully on-ground program.

This degree is accelerated and focuses on the engineering aspects of cybersecurity.  It is designed for those with computer science, electrical engineering, or computer engineering bachelor degrees.  While work experience will certainly be considered in admission decisions, because of the rigor of this offering, it is very important to have a fundamental background in order to succeed.

The program will consist of 30 units of coursework and is designed for the working professional.  It will take 5 semesters or approximately 20 months to complete.  It is an extremely specialized degree of the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering – not only is it the engineering school’s first Masters degree, but it is part of USD’s first center (CCSET).  While the term is often overused, students in this program will truly be pioneers at USD.

The program is being led and developed by Dr. Winnie Callahan, an educator with 20 years of experience at the University of Nebraska and the University of Southern California. She brings together experts in national defense, business, information technology and education to train a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.

“It made sense to me with the things I was seeing that we needed to address this national problem at a couple of levels, including better trained cyber professionals,” said Dr. Callahan.

CyberTECH Executive Director, cyber professional and program champion, Shirley Adams stated, “The center will play a key role in San Diego’s regional efforts to be recognized as the National Center of Cyber Security Excellence. Working together we can help produce the high quality cyber security engineers that our nation so desperately needs.”