CyberTECH SDSW Startup Safe Cities Pitch Event

Join us at Procopio for the CyberTECH Smart & Safe Cities Pitch Night!

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Individuals and companies will have 3 minutes to pitch with a chance to win prizes and receive real-time feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs, technology professionals, judges, mentors, and advisors. Food and drinks will be served!

Leveraging many years of effort working on the Internet of Things (IoT), CyberTECH has developed the Securing the Smart City initiative focusing on the state of Smart & Safe Cities, best practices, the cultural aspects of creating safe cities, including elements of Smart Cities and IoT and the impacts of connecting wearables, “liveables” and “driveables” to the Internet to form smart cities.

We believe a “digital” city cannot be “smart” if the things it connects to the network and other open networks are vulnerable to cyber attack or lack basic user privacy or product safety. Join us during the Smart & Safe Cities Pitch Night as we meet cutting-edge startups build smart and safe cities.


June 20


04:30 pm - 06:45 pm

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CyberTECH Cybersecurity


Procopio 525 B STREET

Procopio 525 B STREET, SUITE 2200, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

San Diego, CA, US